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How do you get rid of pop ups ?

Asked by kalamazooing (4points) May 27th, 2009

I have this one pop up that keeps saying you have 59 errors and than another window opens up saying the same thing !! Now I have a bigger pop up that is offering search engines I have never heard of !1

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easiest question to answer possibly ever on fluther. use firefox with adblock plus

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i can’t remember the last time i saw an unwanted popup

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@archer has it right. Use Firefox and get the AdBlock Plus plugin for it. Both are free downloads.

Sometimes popups are caused by spyware installed, so I would also advise download Spybot Search and Distroy and making sure your system is clean by letting that run and delete the infected files it finds.

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I believe you have an adware on your computer

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spybot is good and i used to use it but i have since found that malwarebytes is significantly better

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Nothing beats running both of them, one after another. I used to run AdAware after Spybot searches and AdAware would find a few that Spybot did not.

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Use Linux.

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