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Anyone following the Cleveland/orlando series?

Asked by MrsNash (574points) May 28th, 2009
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I was, but that is pretty much over. Stats are not on Cleveland’s side. However, if they do come back that would make for an awesome series. Who knows.

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It’s going to be Lakers Vs Magics in the finals.

Lakers all the way.

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siding with Magic on this one.

Im a big Lakers fan tho.

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I can’t believe year after year the clevland cavs front office puts Lebron James out there with average talent and expect them to win cause he’s there. Most stars need that solid second man ex: Jordan and pippen , shaq and Kobe or have a solid team and bench like the spurs have had the last couple of years

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Lebron has more than average talent, he just needs help. Williams and West usually do an OK job its just recently, especially going out of the 3rd quarter, we die… its so hard being a Cleveland sports fan but oh well… Go Cavs!

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I did untill they lost game 4. Now its over. Its disappointing when James can put up 40 points a game and they lose. especially when they went 8–0 in the first two rounds… He’s outta there.

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Nothings over! Here’s how it goes down. Cavs big win tonight and D Howard starts getting thugish and mouthy and they Technical his ass and he gets suspended for a game. The Cavs are then able to beat the Magic on their home turf which takes it to game 7 in the Q and they pull off the win. Simple. Actually this is just my pipe dream and won’t happen but I love the Cavs…

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Howard only has 5 tech’s on him but with that scuffle with zerbiak and how he’s been hassled by the cav’s and the celtics, it could happen. i wouldn’t quite count out that theory. or even he t’s up in the game 6 and the cav’s win it and take it back to the q.

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well one got rescinded from Tuesdays game so there goes my plan…. and the games over and he didn’t get a tech. Damn

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