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Where does the saying "its not over till the fat lady sings" come from?

Asked by asheliz (33points) May 28th, 2009

ive just always wondered this. there has to be some interesting story behind this statement…

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I want to answer with Jenny Craig but it is actually in reference to the Opera.

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Personally I’ve never heard anyone say “It’s not over till the fat lady sings come from.”

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@Ivan – “Its not over till the fat lady sings”

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Hah, agreed. And yeah, it refers to the last piece from an opera, normally preformed by the lead soprano, who in most cases just happened to be larger women. It’s well known that heavier set women often have impressive vabrados (vocal resonance).


Stop being picky, you know what she meant :P

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haha you guys are cool cuz youre correcting my english instead of helping answer my question…

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@asheliznot me…i was being a smart ass

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@asheliz: Sorry it was for the sake of @Ivan

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I confess, I probably would’ve if Ivan hadn’t beaten me to it…

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Haha, you guys are cool because you’re correcting my English instead of helping answer my question…”

I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to traditional Operas, in which the final act is usually a triumphant solo act from the lead performer. The stereotype of talented Opera singers is that they are fat. I don’t know where the reference first came from.

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“The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings”
Ralph Carpenter't_over_'til_the_fat_lady_sings

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Kate Smith, who weighed 235 pounds,... once upon a time I weighed 249 pounds.

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Jeff Goldblum talking to Will Smith ;-)

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