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What is the best video streaming site?

Asked by Dr_C (14132points) May 28th, 2009

I find myself in the middle of nowhere and while looking for entertainment searching in a bunch of different sites for different shows with no particuar pattern. If anyone can direct me to some sites that you feel are the best i’d greatly appreciate it.

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Hulu is pretty damn good.

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I find Cursing Fish on Youtube hilarious

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I watch Joost sometimes, not great, but better than nothing.

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@johnpowell – Hulu looks great but I can’t get it in Australia, it is so annoying. There must be a way around that, I’m just not sure what it is?

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hulu and vimeo

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SurfTheChannel is pretty good, especially for the MegaVideo links. However, if there isn’t an option to watch the program on Megavideo, the other links are pretty low in quality.

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i’ve heard hulu is good.. but just to clarify.. i need sites that work outside the US

jrpowell's avatar used to work outside the US. But now they say you need to install something to use it.

I personally wouldn’t do it.

But my shows come from Bittorrent.

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huluopen doesn’t work in Australia, hulu detected it and said nope!

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I like surf the channel a lot as mentioned above. I also like alluc

brettvdb's avatar is an unreal site. i use it constantly

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I tried alluc and it works find for me in Australia.

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@rooeytoo get a proxy server using an American IP, and you should be good to watch hulu. Also look at Boxee it doesn’t have hulu, but it aggregates all online video into one really convenient interface.

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I like amazon unbox for a lot of TV shows, but you do have to pay for it. I’m frustrated that they don’t have LOST though. I can only seem to find the last three episodes of season 5 online. Anyone know where to find the rest of this season?

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@drClaw – thanks that is a good idea. When I googled, there are thousands listed, do you have any suggestions for a particular one?

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Unfortunately I couldn’t give you a great one to try, I have used one that a uber-techy friend of mine set up and a lot of those “free” proxy services seem a little shady. There is a trick for using Google’s server as a proxy. Copy & paste the following link into your browser and see if it allows you access to Hulu:|en&

Let me know if it works for you!

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@drClaw – Nope – It didn’t work, the page that opened said it can’t translate from english to english.

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Well, I’d recommend Hulu to you, as they provide a plethora of popular shows and movies. Plus, they’re legal! ;D

EDIT: Oh, sorry; didn’t read that you wanted sites outside of the U.S.. I’m afraid I can’t help you there, but good luck finding something.

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