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There is an incredibly loud cricket somewhere near my bedroom, how can I find it?

Asked by Ivan (13439points) May 29th, 2009

Seriously, I am in the other room, and the thing is so loud that it’s giving me a headache. I can’t imagine trying to fall asleep tonight. I’ve been trying to pinpoint where the sound is coming from, but I can’t find it. It sounds like it’s near the door, so I can’t tell whether it’s inside the room or outside somewhere in the bushes. Any tips regarding how I might find the bugger?

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Crickets are pretty deliberate ventriloquists- the better not to be eaten. When I was a cricket-catching kid, I’d cup my hands behind my ears to catch more sound, which made them easier to locate.

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First – close the door—if it’s outside, you will hear a difference.

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Any pets? My cats pretty much take care of my insect problems. A cricket is an insect, right?

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Here is what I do it’s worked in the past. Kill all your lights (at night) that’s the time they chirp anyway. Get a flashlight move the flashlight in the area where you think it’s at when the light rolls over the area where it is, it will stop. Then spray it with Raaaaaid, or trap it an let it go in the garden.

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Those are good ideas, thanks.


I guess my dog doesn’t like crickets.

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I seriously hate when that happens. We used to get crickets in the house I lived in, growing up. It drove me crazy!
We had cats though, they love to catch crickets.

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Well, when I opened the door to determine whether it was inside or not, it shut up, and it hasn’t started back up again.

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I spent the better part of a night stalking a cricket when I was working in Yosemite area. As MrGeneVan suggests, try using light. Eventually I was able to corner the little sucker by switching lights on and off and making noises until I could figure out where it was hiding.

I have this idea that killing crickets is unlucky though =/

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@casheroo My boy cat makes the funny faces when he eats bugs. The other cats just rip them apart and leave cricket heads and butts all over the house. =^..^=

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@tinyfaery ugh, mine never eat them. they kill them, play with them, then leave them for me. better than me having to kill the things

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@tinyfaery: my kitty ate a fly the other day and made that face! You know it must tickle!

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@Ivan- It is waiting for you to put your head on the pillow and start to drift off to sleep.

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@Dog It’s beginning to look that way.

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It would be a lot easier to buy into the “Cricket’s bring good luck” story than to find it and kill it. Just pretend every squeak means a longer, happier life, or turn up the sound on your Ipod.

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@YARNLADY that’s how it works for me. :)

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Just meditate into the sound.
It is only by focusing on the negative that you give it the power to annoy you.
I’ve often listened to crickets sing me to sleep.

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Great answers @YARNLADY and @fireside. I just put my fan on high speed to drown out the noise.

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And read “The Cricket in Times Square” while doing so!

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@jonsblond I don’t think anything can drown out a determined cricket. annoying little bastards

My cat pulls their legs off and eats the bodies.

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@Supacase It is difficult. Maybe many beers will help?

My cats like to leave the remains also. Blah!

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When you wish upon a star…

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