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Medication for depression?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23988points) May 29th, 2009

For the first time in my life, I’m thinking about trying to take some medication. My severe downs are really starting to wear me out and I don’t think I can handle much more of it. I’m beyond “sad” and have been at this point for a while, I’m on an extremely short fuse – everyone is pissing me off. I have no one to talk to, no friends, no anything. A little voice in the back of my head keeps saying, “Fuck it. Nothing is worth it. Give up.” I honestly don’t know how much that is the depression talking or it’s truly becoming my overall outlook.

The thing is, I don’t have insurance. I’m already in debt for medical bills and I do not plan on furthering that debt. What the hell are my options? Anything?

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One thing to try is once a doctor has prescribed something, check out the plans offered by places like Walgreens. For a relatively small amount per month you can join their prescription drug plan and pay something like a $5 co-pay for any number of drugs.

In fact, before you see the doctor, get a copy of the list of drugs that they offer in whatever program you find and take it with you so the doc can start with something affordable.

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The best medicine is laughter

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You should be able to find a clinic in your area that can see you on a sliding scale. Once you do that you can work with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance to get the meds. I have found clinics in a couple of different cities, I start with a google search and go from there. I have found that even if the person on the other end of the phone can’t offer the services I am looking for, they usually have useful information on where to find it.

I have had similar experiences with that voice saying that none of it is worthwhile anyway so why bother. I have also had a feeling in my stomach like I was constantly on the verge of throwing up and spent a lot of time keeping myself from blowing my top. I hope you find a place that is willing and able to help, when you see how much more yourself you are once you have this under control, you will be amazed and very grateful.

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I am on Prozac, and it works well for depression. Even with insurance, it is relatively cheap, as is Xanax, which I also take for anxiety. My insurance doesn’t cover mental health, so I am paying full price for the Prozac, and it is reasonable.

Talk to a doctor, don’t let people on the Internet prescribe drugs for you. Sometimes, it takes several tries to find just the right combination of medicine to fix what ails you. I was fortunate, the first two out of three worked.

I just wish my cheap-ass fucking insurance company would cover mental health issues.

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@SuperMouse‘s advice is good stuff. I went through my county’s mental health clinic and I get my Lexapro through PPA for free.

@evelyns_pet_zebra makes a good point, too, about trying to find the right combination of drugs. Once you’re able to find help, don’t give up or get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. Keep on trying.

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You have us to talk to, and we will try to help :)
I know what you are going through. I’ve been there. I didn’t get out of bed more than a few minutes a day. I ended up in the hospital, and the good thing about that was they hooked me up with meds. I had insurance through family health plus (state) when I was working, thankfully it was still active even though I quit my job a few months before. I don’t have insurance now and I pay way too much money for my meds, doctor, endocrinolgist, bloodwork, etc.
I don’t have much advice to give but I just wanted to say I understand how you feel. I hope you can work something out because you will feel a lot better once you get help. It makes me so angry when people can’t get proper health care. It’s just fucking wrong.

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Are you in the US? Legislation signed last year requires equal coverage of both mental and physical health by US insurers.

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@crisw – That’s interesting. Our insurance (which is one of the government plans) holds mental health treatment to a higher standard of proof of need than treatment of physical illness and even contracts consideration of such treatments to a whole separate company.

I had to go through the whole appeal process not once but twice just to get my son hospitalized for more than 7 to 10 days.

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There is no shame in taking medication if you need it. Extreme sadness and irritability are textbook signs.

Try a free clinic. See if they can start you on one of the medications that has a generic or if there is a company they get regular samples or coupons from.

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@crisw, that doesn’t go into effect until January 2010, according to my head shrinker.

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@DrasticDreamer, go with the generics, that’s what I did, and it saved me $$$.

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I highly suggest you look into alternative medicine such as taking camomile capsules instead of anxiety perscription pills. In Germany, they prefer that instead of prescription drugs. I also know people who do that and they say it works wonders. Plus it’s cheap and you can get it at any health/ natural food store.

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what has helped me in the past is finding out WHY i was depressed and then working on that.

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DD, I’ve been where you are friend, many times. Go, get help, get the right meds and damn the cost. There are ways to defray the costs – as mentioned above – but even if there weren’t, this is the single most important thing you will ever do for yourself. Getting better will be worth every. fucking. penny. Please remember: It will get better. It always does. {hugs}

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I am in exactly the same situation. I found help through my local hospital. They have a financial assistance program called “Hospital Sponsorship”. I was in the hospital for 4 days for pneumonia and left with a 17 grand hospital bill. The sponsorship covered it all. They also had a prescription assistance program. I signed up for it and now all of my medication comes to me free of charge in the mail. Both programs required a lot of documentation on my part but it was no doubt worth it! I would defiantly set up an appointment to meet with your local hospitals financial councilor. They may have a similar program. Actually my prescription for cymbalta just came in the mail yesterday, 3 months worth at a time, free. Seriously, it’s an amazing program.

EDIT: I get my medication free through this organization: It took 10 mins with a counselor to sign up and the meds were called in and at my door step in 3 days. (Upon checking out the website for the first time I see that they only serve residences of SC and Texas. But i’m sure they could refer you to a local provider)

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Everyone needs something, IT’S NOT ALWAYS MEDICATION, we don’t know the situation at all, and yes @MrGeneVan just get on here and sound off….

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Could be that medication is needed. While you figure it out there are things to do in the meantime.

Get this book. Get it now and don’t just read it, do it. It will change your life.

Get out of your home. There is probably an art community somewhere near you. I’ve seen your posts. You are social, so go out and listen to people. Listen listen listen to people. It will get your mind off of your issues and give you perspective on others. No one can resist befriending a good listener. Meet people. Get out of your home and meet people.

If you’re still in Portland consider volunteering to help for the Rose Festival. These people want to meet you. Be honest and tell them you want to meet new fun people.

More ways to meet people in Portland

Don’t be afraid to go by yourself. It makes you much more approachable.

Get in the habit of turning your computer off. Spend less time online, get to bed earlier and make it a point to witness a few sunrises. When was the last time you saw the sun rise? It still does you know… and it’s waiting for you every single morning! Go say hello! It will listen to you. Tell it how you feel about everything.

While you’re at it, consider walking briskly for a mile or so. Twenty minutes of walking during a sunrise can really release the sweat and every bad thought too. Get used to the feeling of MAKING yourself and the world better.

Contact a local homeless shelter and volunteer to slop food or change sheets. If you can’t spend money, then spend time. This experience will change your outlook on everything… starting with yourself. And you must consider that what you are facing currently is an illusion. Maybe reality is waiting for you, and needing you here:

Don’t deny your beauty and worth. What a shame to not see all the places that YOU ARE NEEDED… This world desperately needs you NOW!

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I’ll try some of the things everyone has mentioned.I really can’t afford much though, because I’m going to school full time and I don’t currently have a job.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: I appreciate the time you took to write that. Is it okay if I stare at the moon for a little while, though? I’m much more of a night person, always have been. ;) I don’t know about being social, either. I’m actually really, really quiet and shy in new situations. But truly, thanks for the time you took with that.

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All these things your all saying are wonderful, if your not the person going through it, you can see this. If you are the person,
I know going into an office sitting waiting for your name to be called, looking at all the others, thinking what are they here for, can just be to much if you don’t have someone who understands and can help you!
Wish the anwser you needed were on here, but most likely you have it already!

Good luck to you!

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If you want things to change, then consider changing them. The moon is fine, and it will always be an old trusted friend for both of us. Solitude has it’s benefits, and balancing it with new pursuits will make it even more valuable.

Really quiet and shy…? How endearing and rare in this world… Go share that trait with others and teach them by example. Shyness is a great starting point for being a good listener.

What you need is a good kick in the rumpuss. Motivate yourself OUT of mediocrity. If you don’t like the situation, then leave it. You don’t play with blocks any more because you moved beyond that. Move beyond this NOW!

Come back and tell the Moon about all the great wonders you’ve found.

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Sunlight is crucial. Sunlight is FREE! Go get some while you can.

Read stories of other people who came out of it too. You are not alone. Don’t just sit there girl! Do IT!

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Depression isn’t something that can be turned off like a light switch. You can tell yourself all day long to just get up and do something, but you can’t. It upsets me when people act like you should just snap out of it and do something. It’s not that easy. A lot of people who are sad think it’s the same as depressed. It isn’t. You can’t will yourself out of a true depression. Please see a doctor @DrasticDreamer. You are beautiful and funny and kind and a doctor can get you back to being yourself.

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@elijah Lurve. That attitude upsets me, too. And even people who are depressed – really depressed – think it sometimes. :(

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Agreed. My suggestions were in light of her lacking funds. And none of it could hurt, as all of it has shown to help. But you are correct, many times a medical professional and medication is the best solution.

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I’ve been on a lot of anti-depressants, they really aren’t that expensive (I don’t have insurance either.) Just avoid the newer stuff, since some of it hasn’t been around long enough to have a generic version. It’s the doctor visits that cost a lot, but you’ve gotten great advice on that (I didn’t even know about those clinics!)
Take care of youself ((hugs))

hearkat's avatar should be able to help you find low/no-cost services… medication is only a part of the process, please find a therapist as well. ((((hugs))))

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BTW… it seems so obvious that I’m a little disturbed at myself for not asking. What’s got you down? Can you pinpoint it? Not that I can help, but I’ll try for you.

Is there a specific thing, or an overall outlook, like you’re surrounded by a mysterious fog?

It’s only my business if you wish it to be.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies It’s just an overall outlook. Nothing in my life is good right now. I feel extremely alone and like I’m getting nowhere.

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@DrasticDreamer, I used to run a Psychiatric Emergency Room. Find a hospital in your area that has a Psychiatric Emergency Room. Call them. Ask to speak to a Social Worker, then tell her what you’re telling us. There is help for you that you can afford.

What about the school you go to? So many schools have mental health provisions for their students. Did you check out that venue?

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It’s a terrible feeling when you realize that nowhere is now here. I’ve been all over that and it sucks. But, believe it or not, I wouldn’t trade that silent stillness for anything. In fact I cherish it as genesis and base of perspective for where my head is currently.

Only in that silent stillness can we tune out the noise of the world and hear the self crying inside. That proves you are in there. Listen for yourself… you are there…

I know this, because you are here… with me…

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@DrasticDreamer Don’t forget… you are not alone. We are here, and we care. :)

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For me to get it under control is a combination of:

Exercise (Which I don’t do enough)
Light therapy
If I can discipline myself to keep all 3 going I usually do pretty well.
My depression manifests itself in a similar fashion a very hot temper and short fuse.

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When I was depressed, it didn’t matter what people said; I found a way to make them wrong. The practical suggestions (sunlight, exercise, less computer time, less TV, laughing, being with friends, volunteering) all help.

However, your attitude that you can’t afford to help yourself is probably induced by the depression. You may feel like you’re not worth taking care of, any more. Nothing is going right, so why not just let it go, and let your life go.

Get to a psychiatrist before you end up in the psychiatric emergency ward. Get diagnosed and get a prescription, and worry about paying for it later. If you get rid of your depression, you will be able to make better decisions; your school will be easier; you’ll be able to make a plan and follow through on it. The money problems will be solvable.

It’s an amazing thing, what the right meds can do. Totally amazing! A year and a half ago, I was ready to jump out my 8th floor window. Now, I am consistently good, even optimistic. All due to meds. I don’t think I could have done it without them.

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