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What do you suggest I do in LA?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) May 30th, 2009

I’m heading there to cover the E3 Expo, and I’d like to know what’s in the area.

Few things to note, I’m quite the cheapo (I’m going alone, it’s okay), and I enjoy the quiet life. Perhaps a great park you know of? Benches on the docks? Your favorite library or something?

I’m not limiting you guys to these things, I like other things as well!

I’ve never been, and quite excited to see how it is over there. As a resident New Yorker, how much do you think my accent will stick out? :P

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@YARNLADY I unfortunately found that thread after I posted the question.


Well, regardless. That question is a year old; I expect there to be a bunch of new guys. Maybe they can chime in and say something that hasn’t been said.

Oh, and thanks!

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So, when will you be here, where will you be staying, how much spare time do you have (what times will you not be available), what kind of transportation will you have, ever been a witness at a wedding? Kindly respond, allow me time to read the links (prior questions and answers) and I’ll try to give you some ideas (maybe not until tomorrow). I requested the schedule because you’ll have to work travel time into your agenda…there is quite a bit of traffic here. See ya…wtf
PS: What part of N.Y. are you from? How do you pronounce strawberries? If you pronounce it “stwahbewwies”, you will stick out like a sore thumb!!!

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Get cast in a movie. That’ll really piss off the LA actors. lol

If Gris gets to go to WTF and Scrowell’s wedding That’d be sooo cool.

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Here are a few ideas. Go to Griffith Park, which is L.A.‘s biggest park—and one of the largest urban parks in North America. It has quite a rugged terrain overall, but it is also home to several major L.A. attractions like the L.A. Zoo, Griffith Observatory, and the Autry Museum of the American West. All of these are worth seeing, too. I especially like the Autry, which has become one of the great museums for Western history in a relatively short period of time.

Go to the Huntington Library in San Marino, or UCLA’s Clark Library. Both have impressive rare book collections—as does the Getty Center. The Huntington and the Getty also have notable art collections. In many ways, my favorite art museum in the L.A. area is the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. The Hammer Museum and the L.A. County Art Museum are also worth visiting, as is the Fowler Museum of Cultural History on the UCLA campus. If you like natural history, try the Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits, or the Natural History Museum on Exposition Boulevard near USC.

Go to the Santa Monica Pier. I’ve taken many visitors there, and it is always a highlight. Or try the L.A. County Arboretum in Arcadia, which is a good place to spend a relaxing day.

There are a great many things to do in the L.A. area. The only trouble is, they are spread out over many miles, and we don’t have a good rapid transit system, as you do in New York. Many East Coast and European visitors find L.A. hard to warm up to for that reason. But if you give it some time and don’t get put off by the distances, L.A. is a wonderful city.

I hope you have a great trip!

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I pronounce strawberries “StrawrberrEEZ.” No, seriously. Coffee is “CwaFEE.” Wall is “Wawll.” :[

Anywho, I’m leaving tomorrow (gasp) at around 11:30 EST. I’ll be staying in Culver City (VERY far from the Los Angeles Convention Center – any ideas how long the commute will be by car/public transport?), about two whole days spare time plus anytime after 6 PM for three days in a row. Transport is nada at the moment, was planning on a hybrid of public transportation and cabs.

@breedmitch I AM part of SAG.. hmm… ;)

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@tabbycat You’re beyond awesome.

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Oh, and witness to a wedding? Haha.

I’m staying for 6 days, btw.

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@Grisaille :Then I hope you voted no on this last contract vote.

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@breedmitch…If it works out, we’ll put @Grisaille to work being the eyes and ears for fluther reporting the ceremony to eveyone…........oops, will not work out with that brief of a stay (well, who knows…sccrowell has the ball on that one). I’ll check the bus schedules and get back to you. Cabs are not the way to get around in L.A….if you can even find one outside of the airport, they will break you. See ya…wtf
PS: If you attend, I promise to dress for the wedding!

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Go to Bay Cities in Santa Monica if you’re in Culver City (best italian deli ever in eternity)—Santa Monica in general will give you something to do.

The east side of LA (silverlake, los feliz, some echoecho park) is the williamsburg of LA, but since you’re in Culver, I’d stay on the west side.

Do you have a car? If so, everything is pretty much 30–45 minutes away.

There’s some good geocaching all over.

A little farther east and north, there’s the LACMA, there’s also the Museum of Jurassic Technology right near you, which is the strangest, most disgusting (some say wonderful) museum ever. Might be right up your alley.

Definitely go to the Pier. It’s sort of similar to say, Navy Pier or Peir 43—touristy but neat if you like that sort of thing.

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Head up to the Bay Area post haste!

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Fontana. Fun for the whole family.

Kidding. Fontana is a shithole. Run from it. Redlands too. I grew up there.

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@breedmitch Honestly, I haven’t been on an audition in years. I still belong to the film society, though. Advance screenings are awesome. Had I been more active, I’m sure I wouldn’t have thrown out all the SAG mailings I get without opening them… **cough**

Anywho, @whatthefluther… fill me in as to what you’re talking about, and we can discuss, hmkay?

@andrew I’ll definitely be checking out the Museum of Jurassic Tech. Sounds awesome. Also, the Pier sounds great, I don’t mind people or being a tourist at all!

As to everyone in this thread, thanks a bunch! If you’re ever heading to NYC, I’ll be sure to return the favor.

Thanks guys.

now to head into the city and pick up some stuff… this trip is going to be great.

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@Grisaille: “public transport” LOL ;)

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Drive the hell out of there.
L.A.- Yechh!

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@johnpowell Yeah, Bloomington is much better

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Here’s a site to get tickets to be part of a studio audience and it’s free. Be prepared to spend the better part of a day, but it’s fun.
Here’s the site for Wheel of Fortune

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is free after 6pm every day its open til 8

Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is free on Thursdays after 4 pm (i think) you can call and find out (MOCA is very close to Little Tokyo).

The Getty is always free.

the Norton-Simon museum is free if you have a student ID

culver city is a pretty nice area. it is not that far from the convention center. it is just right down the 10 freeway.

public transport is possible but not easy (actually it is pretty hard).

you should plan out your trip to and from your destination before going out use

and depending on how far you are going cabs can be expensive. and you can’t really just get a cab on the street (they don’t just drive around). you most likely will have to call the cab company, and then they will come pick you up at your destination.

i’d say the beach is your best bet for cheap/free entertainment. be sure to check out venice beach and santa monica.

good luck.

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Greetings. I returned to your question and found so many more excellent suggestions that I really have nothing to add other than perhaps group some activities that are in fairly close proximity to one another:

If you were to do the Getty, you could also do something of interest on the UCLA campus as well as check out Westwood, which is adjacent to the campus. Beverly Hills is not that far away if you felt compelled to see movie star homes (j/k…I’ve lived here all my life and never felt so compelled)

If you were to do the L.A. County Museum of Art, you could also do the La Brea Tar Pits, Farmer’s Market, CBS studios (you’ll have to investigate this one…I haven’t been for 35+ years) and Cantor’s Deli (one of the best Deli/restaurant this side of the Mississippi)

Enjoy your stay…wtf
PS: Although I continue to sit here naked eagerly awaiting the words, “Do you, wtf, take sccrowell to be…”, I’m afraid the wedding will not take place during your stay (my, how awkward that must sound to those who have not seen several specific questions and their responses) wtf

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