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What are the coolest non-touristy things to do in Los Angeles?

Asked by busse (71points) August 15th, 2008

I always disliked LA, but I’m down here for a conference and have a full day to explore and discover some cool stuff. Hopefully.

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This came up in a previous discussion before you joined up with us :)

Some good suggestions that I would recommend (I did actually), as an L.A. native.

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What do you like to do? I’m a native, and I think the coolest thing in L.A. is the Watt’s Towers, if you don’t mind going into the ghetto. There is a great little museum, and oral folklore from residents who have lived in the area since WWII. It will take two hours top. It is true L.A./CA/US history.

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Chinatown is fun, but you might consider it touristy. I am a native Southern Californian, and I kind of like all the touristy stuff. You could go to the Getty or the 3rd Street Promenade, LACMA, the La Brea tar pits. Or head up to Santa Barbara, on the way up you could stop and spend some time in Ventura looking through all the great junk shops.

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You should go on the downtown LA art walk if you like art. It covers most of downtowns art district with the emphisis being on 5th Street between Spring St. and Main St.

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Have a breakfast of chicken & waffles at Roscoe’s

Enjoy music and a cocktail at Harvelle’s

Buy music at Amoeba Records

Have a late-night pastrami sandwich and people-watch at Kanter’s Deli

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Go a little further south to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. The best shopping in the world!

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There are some hallmark eateries in L.A. that one can look up on a restaurant review site like Zagat, and a lot to do if you look up the L.A. Weekly (a free online/print publication).

In Hollywood, Pink’s Hot Dog comes to mind; Canter’s Delicatessen (on Fairfax) has amazing Rueben sandwiches etc. (Kosher) Phillippe’s in Downtown is renowned for French Dip sandwiches. Lots of others..

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Canter’s, right. I thought “Kanter’s” / “Katz’s” :)

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I just moved from Los Angeles. I lived there all my life, but we had to move. My fiance was not a native, he’s from the midwest. Before leaving, we spent our weekends doing as much LA stuff as we could. We went to Phillippe’s (awesome place!!), Union Station, LACMA (where we met and where we got engaged), The Getty, The Getty Villa, Olvera Street, and lots more. LA has a lot to offer, more than you’d think. I love that town, and I am sad we had to leave…but I’m sure we will love Arizona too. Life is an adventure :)

Enjoy your time in LA, I’m sure you will love it.

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Go to the Huntington Library, the Norton Simon Museum, the Getty, LACMA, UCLA’s Clark Library, the Autry Museum, Walt Disney Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, the Natural History Museum, etc. Go see a play at one of the many live theatres (Ahmanson, Mark Taper Forum, Geffen Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, Henry Fonda Theater, Theatre West, etc.).

Go to the beach. Go the Griffith Park. Go to the L.A. Zoo. Go to Busch Gardens, or the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia.

There are tons of things to do in the L.A. area. The only trouble is you have to drive to most of them.

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The Getty almost goes without saying; I also second the Norton Simon Museum—it has a cool outdoor sculpture garden, and it’s off the beaten path.

Go to the beach cities (Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo). They epitomize the laid back-ness of LA without being starstruck. Walk along the strand. I used to get lunch from Becker’s Bakery in Manhattan Beach (it’s not stellar, but I remember liking the cookies), sit on a bench, and stare at the ocean. Well, it works for me.

A colleague was just down there and went to Griffith Park observatory, which is something I never got to do.

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Ohhh, this makes me homesick! I loved Griffith Park observatory and haven’t been since the renovation, the beaches, and so many places to eat.

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