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Is it wrong to let someone who fancies you buy you gifts even if you have no intentions to go out with them?

Asked by nametab (1points) May 30th, 2009
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Of course it’s wrong. So you’re in it just for the gifts? This is a selfish practice. Let him go.

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He was going to give me his house, then I started to feel bad so I told him don’t give me stuff as much.

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putting false hopes in someone is a cruel thing to do. there is such a thing as karma…

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I’m sure, how generous of you to turn down his house. Maybe you should only take a car and some art work? You are far too kind and this question is far too stupid.

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He likes buying me these things

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I can assure you he wouldn’t like buying you things if he knew you didn’t like him.

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Well he does say “You don’t even like me” sometimes so I think he does.

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He probably thinks he can change your mind then with gifts.

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This isn’t a question of who likes to do what. You are USING this man. Insist that he stop with the gifting.

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Yes. This is leading someone on for your own benefit. You should take the higher road and not accept the gifts.

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He sees how they make me and that makes him happy

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Ooooh, boy. You just don’t get it, do you?

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So should I just have sex with him to make ti better?

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NO! Don’t make it worse. Don’t you feel just a little bit shitty about this???

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Yea, you should probably have some pity sex with him.

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Are you leading him on? Giving him hope that your friendship will turn into something else? Or does he know you aren’t interested, but still buys you things?
I’m married, so I would never accept a gift from another man like that, but if I were single..I’m sorry, but I have no issue with accepting gifts, even if I’m not involved with the guy. As long as he is perfectly aware that it’s not going to get me to like him, and that there are no strings attached.
You need to let this guy know how you really feel about him.

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@nametab And what’s your response when he says “You don’t like me”?

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Not for nothing, but is this a trolling Q? And if it isn’t, I say give it all back to him at once, leave the poor man alone and stop leading him on. It’s immoral to take advantage of someone’s foolishness.

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I’m not trying to lead him on, I say what I feel, in his head he want to be kind and give me stuff.

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But just by your coming around him and accepting gifts from him, he will convince himself that he’s got a chance to win your love (or sleep with you, or whatever), no matter by how thin a thread. At this point, by the very fact you’re asking this Q, you know deep down that something is not right.

Put yourself in his place. Would you want someone taking advantage of you in this way?

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Not even a trip to america?

This has happened to me before, I really felt the other person would care for me as much as I did them it never happened and it broke my heart.

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No, not for me. I know for me, I’d have a bad feeling in my gut the entire time that would taint the experience, and he’d know it, and then he’d feel bad.

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No. Someone who overburdens you with gifts is desperate, and you should end their misery one way or another. Either tell them that you don’t need gifts to be with them, or that they haven’t a hope anyway.

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By the way, are you asking for this stuff/hinting that you want it, or is he just showing up at your door with gifts?

I once dated a guy who showered me with expensive gifts, and I just wasn’t that into him. It was a turn off that he seemed so desperate that he had to keep buying me stuff. It was at the point that I quickly learned not to even say “oh, I like that” while we were out because I knew next time I saw him he’d have it for me. I broke up with him after a few months partially because it was such an annoying burden. I guess I just don’t see the appeal…

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Wow. How greedy can one person be? How kind of you not to take his house.

Leave this poor person alone. Stop using him, stop taking advantage of him. You aren’t even a good friend, you’re taking him for material goods and that is it. How do you sleep at night?


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Ahh big mistake, replace my “no” above with “yes”.

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No matter what he says to you, he continues to buy you things, and offered you a house because he thinks it might make you love him. It is wrong for you to take anything from him – regardless of what he says to you. Back off and let the guy find someone who will love him.

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its fine as long as they know you intentions

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Yes. If you are that kind of bitch then you deserve 50 lashes and a salting.

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If it apparent that they person making the gift is “courting”, then yes it is wrong. Otherwise, no, people often give gifts without expecting romantic or sexual reward.

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Yes,Now,go get a job.

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