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What political party do you follow if any and why?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) May 30th, 2009

Just a general question.

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The SPD.
The Left Party more closely matches my views, but they lack a national concept, so i go with the second best option.

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technically, i follow all of them as an ‘innocent’ bystander! i used to be a card-carrying member of one, but for many years now have been turned off on ‘belonging’ to political parties. .

i wish that ‘independent’ wasn’t the kiss of death for candidates….

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My views drift toward the left but I can’t ally myself with the democratic party because I disagree with a lot of their politics. I find it more sensible to be am independent and take things on a case by case basis.

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I am a libertarian. I like anything that gives me more control and keeps government involvement minimal.

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Republican because only the Republican or Democratic party really gets a chance to hold office. Any other party vote is wasted. Republicans are the Democrates of the past so I am now Republican.

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I am completely opposed to the political party system.

The problem is not the system itself but the fact that people will often vote for a party (either based on tradition, family trend, pre-conceived notions of the party’s tendencies… etc) and will not take the time to become educated on specific candidates and their platforms/qualifications.

This doesn’t apply to all people of course (i can already picture the responses n here.. “I always read up on a candidate before i decide to vote for the best man for the job blah blah blah”) and may be seen as a generalization, but the sad truth is a great deal of the population in many countries is not concerned with educating themselves on issues and will make superficial judgments based on arbitrary impressions given off by any particular party and/or candidate.

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New Democratic Party (Ontario, Canada) is much like the Democratic Party in the U.S..

NDP is a left-leaning social democratic party…and I like..

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At one stage I saw myself as a liberal and followed these views Labour and the Lib Dems, recently I’ve been trying to be as objective as I can and seriously questioning parties’ views I find myself jettison with no political party that satisfies what I want and they all seem too similar.
The opposite end of the spectrum (Not really) we have the conservative party that also misleads us as do the other main parties and I don’t blame them they all want to get in.

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None, it’s all a fucking sham. I get disgusted when I see it.

Just look at the shit our finance minister has gotten us into. Ridiculous. And this is from the Conservative party. Conservative my ass.

If anything, I support libertarians, as they desire to have much much much less government and I strongly believe in that.

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the Fluther Political Party…

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The european left or social-democratic Parties, such as “Die Grünen” or the “SPD” in Germany or the “PSOE” in Spain…

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I don’t follow any party faithfully. I evaluate the candidates based on who I think has the best intentions for the country… not necessarily what they claim they’ll do (many politicians exaggerate), but what I think they can and will do. The number one priority to me is our country’s safety.

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What are the polices?

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I think the european social-democrats or green parties care a bit more about the democratic and social development of the union and in their countries of origen… I come from a proletarian family, so I was socialised that way, although I now have my own little one-man-show “company” I still believe that we can achieve a more equal an less social-brutal society.

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The Liberal/National party coalition here in Australia. The ruling Labor party are a bunch of morons, who couldn’t run a chook raffle. They have destroyed 11 years of sound economic management in 18 months.

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I love it that the fluther swims in international waters.

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Here is in order by age:

18–25 Republican My parents were Dem’s and I wanted to disagree

25–34 Libertarian – I really bought into the “let us be free to govern ourselves” angle, but the whole problem that I see with it is we are naturally selfish greedy people, that starts to make these views crumble.

34-Now I have no freaking clue anymore….

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I don’t follow any, I can’t find any party that I respect. Some individual politicians, but no parties. It is cynicism based on several years in the press room at Parliament House in Canberra a decade or two back. I was surrounded by men who had more ambition and ego than talent or intellect.

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Dem all my life. They are the party closest to my values that has any chance of gaining office. I’m never very happy with them, but they are far better than the alternative.

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