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Can I buy a Macbook pro at bestbuy and get a free ipod at an apple store?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) May 30th, 2009

I bought a brand new macbook pro at a bestbuy last month and was wondering if I could get a free ipod at the apple store for college if I show a receipt.

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No only when you buy the macbook at an apple store

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I highly doubt it.

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ugh…. lame

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Definitely not.

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Go ask them. It can’t hurt. If they say yes, you’ll come out ahead, and if they say no you’ll not lose anything. Tell them YARNLADY sent you.

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I can guarantee that you won’t. Worked for Apple for two years. Not a chance. Even if you bought it AT an Apple store before they started the offer, you wouldn’t get it.

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Nope. Return the laptop to bestbuy if you can. They won’t honor the offer now that you already own one. Return it and get a new laptop at apple if you can

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Return the Mac and buy a Dell or HP and with the money you save buy yourself an iPhone.


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No. Why would they give you a free iPod just because you bought a laptop?

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@aLeXiE347 There have been several ‘free’ offers involving iPods and laptops. They are advertising gimmicks to see stuff. Many of them are scams to get you to sign a contract. Some people find old, out of date offers online, and try to use them. Some online offers are fake, because the website gets paid for the number of people who access it, and there is apparently no enforcement against posting fake offers.

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Apple does a legit promotion every year to give students a free iPod when they buy a qualifying Mac. If you buy a Mac at the Apple store you’ll get a free iPod if you are a student.

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@YARNLADY: Uhhm NO. The student ipod offer to get a free ipod touch with a qualifying mac is completely valid. They’ve been doing this for quiet a few years. I got one last year with my macbook purchase. The rebate came in like after a month or so.

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@mirza Like I said “some” are scams, and some are outdated. Please don’t yell at me.

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No u get the pro and the ipod for free at the apple store its just for a limted of time….

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