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What Does the "i" in Ipods, iTunes,iPhone,etc. stand for?

Asked by mirza (5042points) June 27th, 2007

These days almost every Apple product is named with an "i". I work at the apple store and none of the people know what the "i" stands for. So I am really curious to find out

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When Apple first came up with the prefix 'i', it stood for 'internet.' However, many products they make no longer have to do with the internet. In these cases, it contrasts with other prefixes, not giving a certain meaning, but denoting a certain brand. For instance, in Email, the E stands for Electronic. In iMail, the i doesn't stand for anything; it just says it is of the apple brand.

Apple has also suggested that it could stand for 'information,' 'interconnection,' or 'instantaneous.' I guess it's up to you.

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someone told me that it stood for innovation because of steve job's passion for innovation

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the original imac, released in 1998, was marketed around the concept that it was the easiest computer to connect to the internet. in '98, the internet was still something that most people didn't use regularly, and so the idea of a computer that was "internet ready" was hip and new. the i stood for internet, but it also stood for "I" as in "me". the imac was designed to make the personal computer feel more personal, and make the user feel like the computer was working for them, not against them.

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I like to beleive that the products toting the 'i' brand are named as such because of the personal aspects of said products. Each one becomes a part of the user, be it through their itunes library, their personalization of their ipod, etc. The products have the ability to conform to the personality of the user. iThink.

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I like to think the i stands for "in your FACE!" But you're all right, it's "internet." Disappointing.

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may be “i” stands for intelligent.

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maybe “individual”

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Yes… i work for apple. and my trainer just answered this question for all of us. Everyone seems to wonder exactly what the “i” stands for for all the apple products. It just so happens that the meaning for “i” isn’t printed anywhere. The general concensus for the meaning of the “i” in front of each apple product is “intuitive”. Just FYI! Part of my CPU training.. Enjoy.

P.S. As announced for the very first iMac that came out in 98’, the “i” stood for “Internet, Individual, Instruct, Inform, and Inspire”.

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I’ve alway thought I was some marketing strategy of apple to keep the product very centric to the customer. In this case, I would be a pronoun meaning you, the individual user. Good naming strategy in that case. It’s not about what the product alone can do, its what the product can do with you controlling it i.e. iTunes, iWorks, iPhone.
Moreover, they use the lower caps “i” because it looks more like a person, with the dot being the head.

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To quote the person that said that apple “promotes personalization of their ipod, etc. The products have the ability to conform to the personality of the user.” I find it odd to say a company who’s products (like the iPhone) ALL look exactly the same wants things to be original for us. Even their developers need to conform to submit apps so when we download them it is the same. Why do you think people jail break their phone? To make it customizable is the answer 80% of the time. I love apple products and think they’re pretty and ergonomic but we are the cattle and a number and apple products don’t make us different, quite the opposite.

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The I stands for intelligent. Intelligent phone! Intelligent Pod! And if dosent stand for intelligent now it soon will!

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i stands for intelligent or innovative

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