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If you could only ask three questions, what would they be?

Asked by Kayak8 (16445points) May 31st, 2009

Imagine that there was a room, full of people, and you were told that your potential best friend for life (soul mate, whatever) was in that room. You are only allowed to ask each person the same three questions to help determine which person this might be. Which three questions would you ask?

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I would ask just one:
What are you thinking of at this very moment?

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What does ‘pay it forward’ mean to you?
If you could travel anywhere right now, no holds barred, where would you go? Why?

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1. What is death?
2. How should one live?
3. Tell me of a time where you were given control without wanting it, and how you handled it.

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How are you?
What do you want out of life?
What kind of person do you want to spend your life with?

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Are we in this together from here on out no matter what?

That’s the one – nothing more.

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Who did you vote for in the last election?
What is your stance on gay marriage?
Do you have a criminal record, and if so, what for?

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Do you like girls?
What do you do for a living?
How much do you get paid per hour?

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What are you passionate about?
How do you feel about yourself usually?
Do you like the UK?

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Do you know who Danny Bonaduce is?

Are you able to separate your emotions from your intellect?

Have you ever taken drugs?

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Are you afraid of spiders?

I can guarantee that I can find your G-spot, want me to prove it?

What’s the hardest part about eating vegetables?

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I would quietly watch and listen what each is asking the other.
The questions they chose to ask would be all I need to determine who
the friend is.

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Can you touch your nose with your Tongue?
Can you eat 5 snicker bars in a minute?
What’s your opinion on pixie magic?

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always surpsrised!
now i feel like me respond was a piece of shnit :)

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By the way, like the question!
I just don’t think I’d ever find angelina, wonderwoman and the warrior princess alone in the same room as me!

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1. Why are you in this room?
2. How did you choose your 3 questions? (practically stealing dog’s idea here, but I really like it!)
3. Can you complete this line: “we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got….”? (this is essential!!)
There’s no right or wrong answer to these questions, the person’s reaction and demeanor will play at least as big a part in deciding

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I wanna change my answer and add “Does my tongue taste funny to you?”

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Can I have some more questions?

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How do you like to spend your time on Sundays?
Do you like to hike?
Do you get along with your mother?

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Tell me about your faith
Tell me what makes you cry?
tell me about your plans for achieving your life goals.

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1. What is your favorite word?

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?

Oh wait! That’s for something else.

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1. show me who your closest most loved friends are

2. what are your greatest self hindrances

3. where are you going with the rest of your life

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I lurve @Dog‘s idea!

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@Dog – Wonderful! Lurve to you!

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1. On a bathroom sink and other water fixtures, why is the hot water tap on the left and the cold water tap on the right?

2. What causes rainbows to appear?

3. How many different colors of Roses are there?

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1. I’m going to Morocco for one year. Do you want to come?
2. What’s the one thing you want to do and haven’t yet?
3. How do you feel about karaoke?

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@zephyr826 just too funny for me!not!

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Some of these would be great fluther questions . . . I will not shamelessly steal, but could be fun to see what answers others give (as this is kind of like a room and your soul mate, potential future best friend could be here . . .)

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