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How do you feel about revamps of old cartoons you grew up with?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) May 31st, 2009

I saying this only from the side of nostalgia not reason: I will normally see a glimpse of old kids shows I used to love and the channels have hips up the intro and the graphics and other little changes.
I normally miss the old style but as I’m not interested in these shows anymore I don’t care, apart from a little nostalgia.
My friends on the other hand hate them.

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I think it’s wrong. Just wrong.

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Isn’t it the job of older generations to complain about the youth? I agree that revamping old show might seem bad, but they are competing for the kids attention together with other shows with modern styles. I guess sometimes it’s justified, and they still show the show. Shit changes, and we don’t always want to.

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Well, this isn’t exactly what you were asking for, but I hate that they turned Sonic the Hedgehog into a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon.

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I was still a very young child at the time so of course I loved them both.

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Well, I was referring to the modern one. I think I only saw the old cartoon as a child maybe once or twice.

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One of my pals is on the new Electric Company on PBS. I grew up on the one featuring Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno in the mid-70s. Bless my pal, but I think his show stinks.

Yes, I realize that it’s not his fault. And it’s not the show’s fault. It’s geared to a new generation and I’ll have to make do with the DVDs of the old show.

Hey you guuuuuuuyyyyyssss!

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Remakes are never as good as the originals unless they bring an exceptional release to the table. Most of them are just rehashes and come off as unoriginal and derivative.

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I am sooo upset about the Land Of The Lost movie. That was one of my fave tv shows. When did Marshall become a total idiot? Now I am going to have that song in my head the for the rest of today.

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HATE THEM. The Scooby Doo movie? Land of the Lost? Ugh. It’s also slightly depressing because it highlights that we are totally out of new ideas.

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My kids love all the new Scooby Doo stuff, but I don’t. In the original shows, it was always clear that the “monsters” and “ghosts” were just normal, twisted people who didn’t like meddling kids. In the new material (including the live actor movies), they imply that the supernatural stuff really exists. Plus, often it is so poorly done. I love Kasey Kasem as Shaggy in the original material, but Kasey’s gotten so old you can hear his denture-lisp when “Shaggy” speaks. Ugh.

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OK, now that I have THAT out of my system, it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing. What I HATE more than anything is when they take something that was good quality and dumb it down. Take the Looney Tunes, for example…those I can still watch today, they were clever, full of humor that I can still appreciate as an adult. Now the reason I use this as an example is it was essentially remade twice, one time it was done well, another it wasn’t.

First off, the Tiny Toon Adventures. Here it wasn’t as much a remake as an update, with new characters who had similarities to old characters. But even though it wasn’t as good as Looney Tunes (which would be a pretty hard thing to accomplish), it was clever, funny, full of humor that adults could appreciate.

But Baby Looney Tunes? I basically think there should be an automatic death penalty for ANYONE who thinks it’s a good idea to take iconic characters and make a show about those characters when they were babies. A Pup Named Scooby Doo is this same category of EVIL. And I think we should be able to first torture the creators before putting them to death, IF their baby characters speak in baby talk. You know what? My kid NEVER spoke in baby talk….you know why? Because we NEVER TALKED TO HIM LIKE HE WAS A MORON! Baby talk is NOT HOW BABIES TALK. It is how condescending adults teach their kids to speak because they fucking think it’s “cute”. Well, goddamnit it’s not cute, and we should NOT have to be subjected to our most beloved pop culture icons speaking like retarded chimps because someone thought it would be cute to rape our memories and contrive a premise whereby everyone on a beloved show somehow knew each other and held the same roles when they were babies. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about the cynicism of the people who make a buck off this shit.

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It depends. I mean most of the time is god awful and i wish it never happened, but there are a few occasions where a new series has been good. The cases were it turns out good though are always superhero related cartoons so its not really bastardizing a iconic character most of the time because well us nerds are used to a million different takes on the same character. That said, NO! However, the new xmen spiderman and iron man series i think are pretty awesome.

though the 90s ones are still better :P

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I keep thinking of more of these every time I walk away from the computer. And to keep it current – Star Trek? I understand it gets great reviews etc, but seriously, did we really need to redo it? Really?

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I generally don’t like remakes of anything, cartoons, movies or TV shows. They’ve ruined Strawberry Shortcake and Hollie Hobbie-it makes me really sad to see the stuff I grew up with looking all wrong and current. I want it to look how it did in the late 70s and early 80s!

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I never saw the original, so maybe this is an outrage too, but the new Mr Men show is awesome.

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