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Is this a "good" mac?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) May 31st, 2009

Apple PowerBook G4 – PPC G4 1.67 GHz – RAM 512 MB – HDD 80 GB – DVD?RW – Mobility Radeon 9700 – Gigabit Ethernet – WLAN : 802.11b/g, Bluetooth – MacOS X 10.4 – 15.2” Widescreen TFT 1280×854 ( WXGA )

Those are the system details, the RAM and hard drive seem a little low to me, but I am not that familiar with mac. Please Help!

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That sounds like a 2005/06 Mac. it’s acceptable, but only if you’re doing the basics. It’s going to be slow with video and things like that. you might want to up the RAM to at least a gig, preferably two if that model allows that.

what is your typical usage – email, document editing, surf the web?

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thats what i use! i love it, getting a little outdated now, but mine still runs like a dream

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email, web surfing, the usual, but I do work A LOT in photoshop, which is why I was worried.

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Good Macs? LOL

If you do a lot of image editing, you might want something a little more modern.

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Apple tends to be ruthless when it comes to shutting out their older hardware from software upgrades. Therefore, I wouldn’t go for a PPC mac if I were you. If you look at games, already many require you to be running Intel. Expect other software to follow soon.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop :: 10.6 is already Intel only.

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The 15” G4 1.67 is a 2005 model. It can expand to a maximum of 2 Gb it is still current as far as Apple support goes, not vintage, it has dual display capability, a single expansion slot (type I or II) Firewire, built in Bluetooth, and it has the SuperDrive DVD R/W etc.

It cost US$1999.00 new and they seem to sell here (Australia) for around five hundred dollars with all accessories and software. That would be about $400 US.

They are not a bad system, about equivalent to a three GHz Pentium in performance. You can expand the RAM and drop any SATA drive into it.

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I would not buy a non-Intel Mac. A lot of software already requires Intel, and the G4 is at least 3 major steps behind the current Intel Core 2 Duo machines. You can probably find a first generation Macbook or MacBook Pro for not a whole lot more and they’ll last you a lot longer.

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Thank you everyone for your help, you’ve confirmed what I have been thinking myself, I think I will go with a new mac with a college discount.

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Sounds like you’ve decided, but I also wanted to add that you won’t want this one if you do Photoshop, as the newest version of Photoshop won’t run on a G4— it requires G5 or Intel.

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That sounds like my old G4 powerbook (except ihad the 12 inch)... i LOVED that thing and upgraded the ram… the only reason i traded up was for the isight camera and a larger screen size. Other than that i LOVED my G4. I am however glad to have traded up.. this MBP is like a dream right out of the box.

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Old & slow. Won’t run much current software.

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That is my exact computer…I bought in 2005 and it was awesome, but it’s getting slow. If your buying used, you could still get a could deal on the first gen macbook’s i’m sure. I wouldn’t go that far back and get a powerbook. I’m about ready to upgrade myself so let us know what you decide!

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