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Why do the mods on fluther get to play God?

Asked by evolverevolve (520points) May 31st, 2009

Is each individual question read then discussed in a think-tank?

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Could you provide evidence of your supposed beef with the mods?

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It’s their house. Play by their rules? If not… visit someone else’s house?

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Why don’t you ask them?

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No beef, I want to know what justifies a good question, I posted a question that was generic, it got removed, I understand that. But others stay up, like what are your three wishes? that’s not same-old same-old?

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Because this is a privately owned site and the owners selected the group they wanted policing their privately owned site.

i guarantee that every one of you that bitches about modding would be incensed if someone came into your home and tried to boss you around.

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The mods volunteer their time. They may be eating dinner or living their life and a question that normally wouldn’t pass does. I asked the “what’s your porn name” question once and it got modded. Two days later someone else asked the same Q and it stayed. That’s life!

I bitched about it too. Boy do I feel stupid!

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waaaaaaaaaaa the mods got my question and not the other one OH THE INJUSTICE!!!

They do have lives to ya know, some are bound to slip by, just cause they caught yours doesnt mean you should throw a fit.

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fuckin lol4rl at the topics.

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Because the Fluther gods have given them that power. They don’t abuse it so what’s your problem with the mods?

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@uberbatman It’s hardly a fit, it’s a question. I was wondering who the mods were, how it worked, etc…

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I really don’t want to get into this again, but I’d just like to say that the “if someone came into your house…” and “the mods are volunteers…” arguments are pretty faulty.

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because Jesus says so.

nah they just happen to all be very good at western grip handjobs… which happens to be our owners favorite…

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I get modded daily and am just happy to know that there is someone out there just a little bit more sober than I am.

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sobriety is for the easily entertained anyway B.

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suck it up. edit or forget it.

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@eponymoushipster . . . i’m thorry i every let that thilly cruthader come between uth.

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They are not gods.

But @augustlan is a Goddess.

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[mod says] If you ever have a question about being moderated, you can either reply using the link in the email sent to notify you of your question’s problem, send a PM to any mod, or use the ‘contact’ button at the top right of the page.

We do not have assigned hours to work on the site, we moderate whenever we happen to be on. Sometimes, questions do slip through the cracks. We rely heavily on our members to flag inappropriate questions and answers, so if you see something you don’t think belongs please flag!

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Hey I want us to be nicer to people who ask questions about modding. How are they supposed to know if they can’t ask? huh? huh?


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God says “Fluther moderators are not playing Me. Not that I don’t find your little forum interesting sometimes, but I have much better things to do than moderate fluther questions.”

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@susanc, I agree. What the hell??? Is it a full moon tonight, or what? BE NICE!!

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@susanc . . .It’s not that they asked. It’s how they asked.

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The mods are not doing enough. The site has a high potential to turn completely to shit. This downhill slide seemed to have started about 3 months ago and is turning into an avalanche. Many of the questions are hopelessly stupid and the rebuttal is absolutely endless and nearly always off topic.

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@Cardinal . . .Infinity, basketball, chocolate mousse.

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@Cardinal wow, what a winning style. sounds like you’re wasting your time even posting here. may i suggest a good book?

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Agrees with Cardinal. Others do too.

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why can’t we all get along? Oh yeah, because of the Internet Rule #1 which states, “No matter your opinion on something, there is always going to be someone else who has the completely opposite view and isn’t afraid to call you out on it.”

I’ve had questions modded, and I took my lumps like a big boy. I for one think this site is handled very well by the founders and the moderators, and to whine about having your question modded is just childish. Get over it, it’s not like you had to pay $$$ to join. Fluther was free the last time I checked. What the fuck do you want for free?

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one of the “others” JP mentioned

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another ”other” lol

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It’s their site, like it, make a suggestion on how to improve, or (if they won’t listen to your suggestions) live with it or GTFO. This isn’t Internet camp where everybody gets to play and we’re all friends and stuff. It’s a business, and they get to pick their business model.

Having said that, the rules (or “guidelines”) are a bit too strict (one might say even borderline moronic), like that “No funny first answers”, and then some others might say that they’re not applied uniformly (which makes sense, because, a) the mods are human, and b) they act after more than one user has flagged a question or response, and people will be people and form cliques (and then will be all “oh, cliques here? yeah, right, very funny”), so they won’t flag something by their friends, so the mods won’t notice.

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Who doesn’t like a good “bash the moderator” question? I know I do, because I’ve discovered that they have a certain periodicity and a remarkable ability to be more or less the same, every time.

Q: Why do the moderators suck? My question/quip was pulled…..
Here is where you choose your answer (like a multiple choice test).
A1: Yeah, they really suck. Fascists.
A2: The mods do a great job. Stop bashing them.
A3: There should be less moderation.
A4: There should be more moderation.
A5: There should be no moderation.

Did I miss something?

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@shilolo A6: If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave.

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@bob_ Sure, the A2 and A4 corollary.

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Now shilolo really is a god, so…

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@augustlan You’re just saying that to suck up to the mods. Oh, wait…

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I think this was a legitimate question, unfortunately posed in such a way that made it look like all the other “WHY IS MY QUESTION THAT TOOK ME 30 SECONDS TO CREATE PULLED”.

@evolverevolve If you take a look at the guidelines (which are linked, albeit smallish, in the question form), it explains the entire moderation process.

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@bob_ While it may seem moronic, when I see a new user stop using the site, and see her excitement at getting her first answer turn into annoyance because the question she asked gets a stupid, flippant answer off-the-bat, I get testy.

Now, stupid, flip answers halfway down the page, that a Fluther makes.

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Insert stupid, flip answer here

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The modes have to have god like abilities in order to keep the site moving smoothly. I imagine it would be very difficult if they had to have a confab everytime there was a question or answer that violates the guidelines. I suspect if a mod made too many ‘mistakes’ they would be removed.

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Regarding what @cardinal said- I am just curious where the line is for the “original smart people” and the “dumb noobs”. I completely agree that there are people who ask stupid questions like “why doesn’t he like me?” and who’s your favorite backstreet boy?” , but I’m not a rocket scientist and if all the questions need to be Mensa quality I dont really want to be here. Information and learning new things are great but so is a little silliness. Many people who were here long before me like to be funny sometimes too (and I lurve these people) Are we the “downward spiral” of fluther?

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Why do some users belabor the obvious? Somebody has to run the trolls out of here.

Response moderated
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@evolverevolve You would do well to heed your own advice.

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@mote multiple personalities is a funny thing….

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Site Moderators: omfgTALIjustIMDu, sndfeQ, syz, shilolo, harp, augustlan, EmpressPixie, and myself.
Site Managers: PnL and richardhenry.
Founders: Ben and Andrew.

You can contact any of the above if you have a question.

Did I leave anyone out? Sorry.

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They are not God, only gods

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They are not Gods they are Mods.

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