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If you had a choice on what era you could live in, what would it be and where?

Asked by kheredia (5558points) May 31st, 2009

Would you like to be pirate, or a samuri? Or maybe a knight in shinning armour. What about a cowboy or a hippie??

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I like my life right now as it is. So this era and Oxford, MS

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Were it not for the hygiene deficiencies I’d love to have lived in the 20’s

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I would have loved to live in the late 60s, early 70s and be on the front lines for the Civil Rights and Women’s Lib movements…I’d be a hippie, minus the drugs and smell.

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I don’t think I woud want to live in the past, as I think all eras before now were worse than today. I would prefer living in the future. captain in starfleet

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Prehistory. Wild and swingin’ in the trees. Just getting to know myself as Homo Erectus.

Fuckin’ A, man, Fuckin’ A.

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Here is fine by me. Being black, I would certainly be living in a worse racial climate than I do now by lviing anywhere in the past.

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@hug_of_war . . . How about when the moors were whipping everybody’s asses?

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I like this era. It seems to be best for me since, yanno, I’m black lol

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Can I just relive the 70’s? On a (rather old) previous question on what do you think of when you hear 70’s music, I answered:
Let’s see…A sit-in protest in my High School’s administration building, parties, live music during High School lunch by great musicians who would later form the group Toto (Jeff Porcaro was in my class and was already a renowned session drummer while still in high school having recorded on all the Steely Dan albums and dozens of others), party, party, party, pot (growing and consuming), acid, mushroom, peyote, dropping mescaline with an entire four story coed dorm full of students on New Years Eve at San Diego State College (several friends attended), pharmaceuticals (a nod to Quaaludes and Percodans), transcendental meditation, patchouli oil and incense, attending UCLA and watching two basketball National Championships, always interesting speakers and lots of protests, very long hair, Hollywood Boulevard, Westwood, the Beaches from Zuma to Santa Monica and Venice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, concerts at least every other week (just the bands I saw at least a half a dozen times include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull), dating and then living with a Playboy bunny with music and auto and motorcycling racing connections (Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Kim Carnes,etc.), more party, party, party, my first car, a Corvair, followed by a Vega (totaled following a Bowie as Ziggy Stardust concert), a Chevelle, a Cutlass and a couple of MGs, minibikes and motorcycles and did I mention party, party, party. And, of couse, I’ve just scratched the surface, considering I lived the 70’s between the ages of 15 and 25 yo. I finally settled down in 1980 when I got a “real job”, bought a house within a couple years, etc., but I digress, that being the 1980s. Sorry about the rambling, but you asked!

Copy & paste to the rescue

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Had I a choice, I’d live either in the 1920s or 1960s – in Europe.

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@aprilsimnel . . . you are such an unabashed whore :)

yeah, the music would have been cool too

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@aprilsimnel you mean.. the great depression? ww2? i don’t know why you would want to live in these times

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@ragingloli when do you think wwii took place?

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@ragingloli The Great Depression was in the 30s and WW2 was in the 40s…

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sorry i mistook it for 20s to 60s

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@ragingloli That makes sense, but except for the Great Depression I think it would still be interesting to live through those times…a lot of other important stuff happened besides the war.

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@Frankie that is if you manage to live through that. a favourable outcome would be more than questionable.

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I wouldn’t have had much fun in the US during either decade. I’d’ve been shot or lynched. Or Hoover would’ve sicced his goons on me for fighting to win civil rights. I’m not white, either, you see.

Plus, in the 60s, the UK is where the young Beatles and young Python were! In the 20s, Europeans seemed to have much more fun than the USians.

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55’s to present in the U.K.! Self-explanatory: The Beatles, baby!

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Anytime from the 20’s to the 50’s. Those times seem so romantic.

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From what I know of history, right here, right now is perfect. Look at what we have. The Hubble Telescope looking back at the beginning of the universe, We are sending robotic probes to the other planets, there is no Inquisition, Salem witch trials, lunatics with six guns in Dodge City, and in this era we have all sorts of medicines to cure disease instead of relying on a witch doctor swinging a dead cat over our heads while burning foul smelling herbs and we are pretty much free to hold whatever beliefs we like with little or not persecution.

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The 60’s for sure man

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I’ve thought about it a lot and I wish I’d been about 20 in 1967 so I could have experienced all the greatness of that era. I also would have still been young enough to enjoy the 70s to its full extent also. I sometimes think I was really born at the wrong time.

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I’d be with @Frankie in the 60’s/70’s. And I’d take her share of the drugs.

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I was 20 in 1967, and I tell you, it was fun. But there are some great things about being here now. What I’d really love to do if I could play with time is go and spend a year or two in each of several eras and places. One part of me would really love to have worn the fabulous gowns and hairstyles of past centuries in Europe, but another part does not want to have lived without refrigeration and feminine personal products.

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I like the romantic idea if Knights in shining armour, and castles, but I am rather fond of hot showers, heating and air conditioning, microwave ovens and computers so I think I’ll stay right here.—unless I could take a little research back with me, then I might go back 30 years. I guess I don’t need to many pieces of paper to remember the words “Microsoft” and “Yahoo”.

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I would have loved to be born in another 20–30 years so that I could be ensured a long and healthy lifetime, but I consider now to be more important historically, so I’m fine where I am.

I’m just glad I didn’t live back in the medieval ages… ugh.

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When the Klingons made peace with the Federation.

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@mattbrowne i would prefer sometime after the dominion war.

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@ragingloli – Yes, not a bad time either. You’re probably a fan of Quark’s holo suites.

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@mattbrowne hell yes!
I also love anime. Just image what I could do in a holo suit **drools**

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