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How much better can you be in your life, or could you have been, than what you are?

Asked by dannyc (5257points) May 31st, 2009

Many people have regrets, thought about their past, and felt that their future became bleak, if only they had done certain things, or been better at something, or tried harder. Or in the present context, they should improve themselves to achieve more, or change themselves., but just have not been able to do so. What can you suggest to improve or lead us to be better human beings or motivate somebody to reach that next level? I have my own views, but I am interested in yours. If you have a specific example of what you are aiming for, how you intend to achieve it, I believe it might help those with their own challenges. Thanks for considering my question.

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I try really hard to live my life without regrets – sometimes hindsight is painfully 20/20 and it irks you (well, me) that you should have known better but how could you have known, anyway? therefore there is no point in doing so, even if we can’t help it – a lot of I have experienced made sense to the version of myself that was experiencing it – there were a lot of obstacles in my way, changes in life direction, different places to live and different important relationships but I have grown to be someone much more vulnerable and also much stronger than I used to be and I know that no matter when it’s time for me to die, I will know that I lived a full life – hell, I always say I’ve lived a life of 5 people all at the same time and I loved passionately and fought passionately and took opportunities, risked, broke hearts but I stayed true to myself and I always told people when they needed to be told something and always stood up for myself and others and there were rare times when I felt ashamed for something I did and I tried to remedy the situation asap…all the aforementioned aside, can I be a better version of myself? perhaps but given all that I deal with on a daily basis, I gotta say I am happy with who I am…in terms of what would help me along is financial stability as soon I’ll be out of a job and I hope to find one soon…in 5 years time, I truly hope to return to school and getting a PhD will get me closer to the kind of career I really want…in terms of relationships and children, my dreams have been surpassed and in terms of what truly annoys me now, well you gotta take the good with the bad ( I refer to my parents and such)...

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir , Wow, what a moving answer. Many thanks for sharing it.

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I would say practice being in the present moment completely and honestly. When I can occupy my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being without avoiding the discomfort of being human or getting caught up in overwhelming feelings I find a center in me that is settled. In all things and in all activities I try to remember that.

When I am tempted to reactive agression or fantasy to come back to the present and find peace with it. I think that is the secret to life. Whether I am on top or bottom, to not get attached to outcomes but just be part of the process. As long as I am part of the process, results happen but I do not have to concern myself with them. I just practice working hard and focused in the present and enjoying the continual change of life.

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I could have been a contender!!!

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I think I need a good swift kick in the ass. I never live up to my ‘potential’. I lack will power and motivation.

Now, in terms of relationships, I’m happy with my life as is.

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My credit rating would have and could have been better if I wasn’t forced to file for bankruptcy after my first wife cleaned me out.

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I need to manage my money better, treat my friends better, be more optimistic, not hold my self back, smile more and never underestimate myself.
thank you for posting me with this question, i have some work to go do now =)

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I could have been valadictorian. I could have held my breath for one more second. I could have run a little faster. I could have asked her out.

I love my life, but I still could have…

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Alot better ok.

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