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Do you use Fluther as a (positive) distraction? Or have you?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 31st, 2009

Was there something bothering that you really didn’‘t want to deal with, so, you came here? You have a project or assignment that needs to be worked on? A messy house? Neglected house plants??

I had quite a bit that I should have been doing today, but, I chose to put most of it off and I fluthered…

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I’ve come here for help on dealing with the problem, not escaping it really.
I come here to pass the time, learn something new and challenge my own opinions and those of others I might not normally interact with.

But an escape? I don’t think so.

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Yeah. I have come here to probably distract myself from homework at hand, I just don’t think I was sure I was doing it. I seem to come here instinctively when opening a browser, whether it should be for homework or not.

So I do, just not on purpose.

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Sometimes I need to make my brain chew on something else.

From time to time, I get into the bad habit of over-thinking/analyzing something I can’t fix or solve by obsessing. For example, for the past 2 days, I’ve been killing myself over the tournament I just lost. There is nothing to be gained by beating myself up over it, but I keep catching myself doing so, and simple distractions aren’t working, so.. ACK, I’M DOING IT AGAIN.

Gathering information, reading news stories, and interacting with others who have wildly different viewpoints from mine are FAR more productive than what I was doing.

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I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t get out much so I enjoy the interaction with others. It’s also something fun to share with my husband. Like @asmonet said, I usually learn something new each day.

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I enjoy it, and seek the reflections of some very astute, intelligent people to my mind’s queries. I also appreciate every person who comes on, good or bad, as I have learned from all. I especially love it when people disagree and show a different view.

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Physical activity is extremely limited to me and I hate television. Sccrowell, my pets, music and fluther are pretty much my life now. I did take a seven month break from fluther to see to some physical matters while I was able. But that is over and I enter a new chapter in my life. So… are stuck with me! See you around…wtf

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^^All of the aforementioned responses^^

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Fluther helps me deal with my anxiety, oddly enough.

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Umm… maybe…

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I use Fluther as a positive form of entertainment where I can always expect to enjoy myself and be able to spend quality time with a large group of intellectual, funny, interesting, and friendly people.

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The perfect procrastination tool!

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I love coming on to wind down at the end of the day, or to wake me up in the morning. It also helps pass the time at work.

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If I’m feeling insignificant, I will post something offensive (but true) and the hateful replies will remind me that my opinion matters… enough to piss others off!

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