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What to do when Drama gets you down?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) June 1st, 2009

Is there a good way to deal with drama. Im a junior in high school and its very hard to deal with. Right now that seems to be all my life consists of and I hate it!

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I dislike drama as well. Always have, always will. This is what I did. I simply did not participate in it. If there were situations where drama would occur, I would remove myself from the situation. I made friends who also didn’t like drama, and when drama flareups happen (as they will eventually happen), I went somewhere else, talked about something else.

It seems obvious to say it, but if you don’t make it a part of your life, if you don’t let it in, you strain out a great majority of it. Then you can learn to deal with the remaining small bits of drama. I like using logic for this.

As a result, I live in a pretty drama free life, both at work and with my friends.

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I avoid it, I separate myself from the people who are causing negativity in my life – I’ve learned this along life’s way

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Oi! That’s pretty much my family at this point. It wears you down and eventually you need to distance yourself from it. That’s what I’m doing. You have to realize that you can’t fix other people’s problems. And, they’re going to do what they want and deal with things their way, so, back away and take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s hard and you feel selfish for having done so, but, trust me, it’s the best thing for you.

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Go postal.

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Totally ignore it.

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I find drama entertaining. I regret that sometimes people who I care about seem incapable of detaching themselves from it, but it fascinates me. I don’t let it get to me on a personal level, but in some ways I seek it out. Unfortunately my attitude infuriates some people who allow their lives to be in a constant state of dramatic turmoil. They find my interest but refusal to become emotionally involved a source of angst.

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After you feel distanced enough from whatever drama it is, write it all down. This sort of stuff can make people rich.

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It’s hard in HS! Even if you are low drama, there is plenty of drama going on around you.
I dealt with in inappropriately, by doing drugs, or hiding out with my head under a pillow.
The better way to handle the HS drama is to get involved in constructive things.
Volunteer, get involved in causes that make a difference, and do something constructive that helps you realize that any drama going on at school or at home is nothing compared to the real life tragedy of others around the world. Getting involved in those endeavors makes you deeper and makes it easier to shrug off the shallowness around you.

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Well….I personaly have never stayed in one spot too long without moving somewhere elso so no one one really knew me enough to talk about me or start something but there are thoes times ppl just dont care and want to piss in your cheerio’s but If you can keep your peace of mind, and a good mood, and IGNORE!! (believe me thats not easy) them, you no longer let it get to you so in the end you win.

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I’d be more than happy that someone wants to have a wee in my Cheerios. I loathe Cheerios! Fie on General Mills, fie!

But @Judi is right, get involved with something constructive and that benefits other people. Then you won’t have time to worry about other folks’ shenanigans.

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I vent to PnL. Or omfgTALIjustIMDu. Or johnpowell. Or my best friend irl.

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I don’t deal with it. I ignore it. It’s crap.

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Hindsight taught me to avoid drama. It’s not worth it to get involved.

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@Darwin i was going to say the same darn thing!...lurve! JUST IGNORE IT!

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Keep your chin held high and try to smile when your around other people. When you are by yourself you can let that all out and cry as you need.

But try to look to the positive to everything and just smile. It makes your day go by faster. :)

If you can try to stay out of drama, I remember when i was younger i hung out with a group of 12 girls all the time and everyday it was the he said she said bullcrap. just try not to get involved.

And rememeber if you dont open your mouth no one can shove words into it :)

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How do you handle drama? Do we ever really “handle” it? Goes on the experience shelf with the other drama. In time, our brain de-sentizes us of it.

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