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What can cause right side head and neck pain?

Asked by shelfields (1points) June 1st, 2009

I have been getting these head aches on the right side of my head and neck (from about my ear down ) I noticed that they seem to come pretty quickly normally after strain ( like one time I was trying to open a jar, bending over to long ). Yesterday again with no warning I got the worst headache ever on the right side and in the neck I took Excedrin Migraine like normal however it didnt work as fast and when it did it didnt take the pain completely away. I woke up today and I have the neck pain , mild head ache and My body aches (upper legs , hip area, back, upper arms,) and nausea. Could this just be the flu?

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Oooo I get them too but only when my head does a real sudden, sudden movement

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You need to get checked out. It might be nothing important, or it could be very dangerous. Any increase in head pain after exertion is risky – it could be an aneurysm. They are VERY dangerous. Particularly if you are hypertensive (high blood pressure) or diabetic.

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Yay! Shilolo to the rescue!

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There is no way to tell based on your description alone. If you’ve been having persistent, intermittent headaches that are severe, you absolutely need an evaluation by a doctor. The syndrome you describe could be anything from a muscle strain, to migraine (or other forms of headache), to an aneurysm (as has been mentioned above), to a tumor, to nothing at all. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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