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What are the most anti-social things you've done?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) June 1st, 2009

And how old were you when you did it?

Maybe the worst thing you did was to copy someone else’s homework, or not give a donation one week in church. Maybe the worst thing you’ve done is to set a fire to a church, or worse. What did you do, and what were you thinking at the time?

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I’m not proud of it but I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

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Talking back to my mom!

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Me and one of my friends egged a cops car
haha we were just being stupid.
i about 10,11

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@Blondesjon: I’d lurve you multiple times for that if I could. <3

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Just a few years back, I flew into a state for a family reunion I’d helped organize for my father’s side of the family and didn’t drive a half hour away to see my maternal grandmother who would have thrown a gigantic fit to know I was seeing those people.

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Told the whole class that the founder of our catholic school was a pedophile. The teacher, a priest, took me out and asked me why I was saying that, I told him I read it in the newspaper. He told I should not read the newspaper… I was ten.

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At a previous job, it was considered anti-social that I didn’t engage in office shopping from the multitude of offers circulating : fundraisers from their child’s school, avon, pampered chef, etc.

My stance on it was, I was there to earn money, not spend it. Besides, it clearly violated the HR policy on solicitation in the workplace.

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Well one day I was on my way to pick up my sisters from school. The school was close to a church and I saw a puppy a cute little poodle on the churchs lawn. Then I took it home. I stole a dog on church property!

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@Tink1113 lol4rl. You’re such a hoodlum!

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I like to be by myself a lot, so I usually leave places randomly, especially when I’m drinking and people call me anti-social for that, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

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I went to a family gathering and I swear, they all took their crazy pills. (Yes, I do believe that there are pills that people take to purposefully be crazy, not to control the crazy…they are on those, too.) Anyhoo…this was a huge thing in our family. Big deal, someone was getting a very prestigious award. I had to make a speech and everyone, except my father, had been a total jack ass. I stood up, got to the microphone and looked around. I saw smug, snotty, disingenuous, disgruntled, and just plain pissy. I started my speech, then stopped and said, “Nope. I’m not gonna do it…I only see one person in this room that gives a damn and I’ll see you when we get home. Bye everyone.”

I left, went straight to the airport. I also turned off my cellphone. I pissed off 98% of the family, but it was so worth it. I was off a few Christmas Cards lists, that year. That’s fine. I didn’t need to know what Fifi got that year, anyway. ;)

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@cak . . .you just made our christmas card list :)

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@cak – If I had a Christmas card list you would be on it.

And that is about as anti-social as I get. I send Christmas cards sort of randomly and I don’t have a list.

I was sometimes also guilty of not saying “Hi” to everyone I passed in the hallway at work. Apparently one is supposed to, even though you just saw them the day before in exactly the same hallway at exactly the same time. I have always wondered why people insist on being greeted every single day when they know I just saw them yesterday. Do they think I have forgotten who they are? Do they need a hobby or some friends outside of work? Are they afraid they have become invisible?

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@cak if it makes you feel better, I’ll bring cheesecake on Christmas :)

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I flew half-way across the world with my family for my uncle’s wedding.
And then spent the entirety of it crying and moaning because I stubbed my toe.
I was 14.

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@cyndihugs oh my gosh, yes! I always have to make the cheesecake and I’m tired of making the cheesecake! I’ll cook whatever you want…just bring the cheesecake!

@eupatorium Oh no! I’m so sorry!

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@cak uhhh i need the directions to your maison…

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Somewhat frequently, I’ll see movies by myself. My friends, colleagues, and students, are always asking me why I didn’t call someone to accompany me. I like seeing movies by myself – I actually feel part of a larger community, everyone seeing that movie worldwide, but apparently that’s not how things are done.

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It would be being anti-social. Some people think they deserve respect. Sorry folks, you have to earn it.

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@zephyr826 ~ I go see movies by myself a lot, especially at the end of the year when the Oscar contenders are screened. There’s nothing like it, in fact!

I even have a favorite seat, up front and center

For me, it’s one of the best ways to get away from life, and I purposely go see certain movies during nonpeak times when it’s likely there will be fewer people, or even no one else there. When there’s no one else there, it’s like it was a private screening just for me!

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I just rememebered… when I was younger, I was staying at this woman’s house (since my parents were somewhere I do not recall). I really didn’t like this woman and she didn’t like me either, so one day I asked her if I could go to her bathroom and when I went in, I pooped and peed all over her bathroom…(of course it wasn’t proper for a 5 year old girl to do that, but I wanted to get revenge)... [[[: whahaha

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@cyndihugs: ROFL!! :)
@cak: The worst part is, I wasn’t even sorry about it afterwards… (But your story definetly tops mine!)

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@cyndihugsewwwww lol :)

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When I was younger and smoking was cool… I smoked on the top deck of the bus on the way to college all the time Ooops!

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