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Have you ever heard of Slovenia?

Asked by LanceVance (645points) December 26th, 2007

I’m just wondering… as of beginning of 2008, Slovenia is to preside the European Union, but I wonder… do you even know Slovenia… or where it is?

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Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia. Maybe you’ve heard of that?

It’s located in central Europe.

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Slovenia, was also the first country to leave from former Yugoslavia when it succeeded. Yugoslavia is split up into many fragmented countries/republics, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

Slovenia borders Italy to the West and the Adriatic Sea to the Southwest.

Good Luck!

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Ye, it wasn’t my intention to find information about Slovenia, because I live here… I was just wondering if you have ever heard of it, since we’ve had some pretty bad incidents (they mistaken us with Slovakia…)

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I guess there are a few of us from the old continent

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It looks we aren’t as unremarkable as I thought.

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Yes, I’ve heard of Slovenia, the world is a much smaller place because of the internet.

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It’s in Europe. The capital is Ljubljana.

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