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What campsites at Big Basin State Park in California are the shadiest during the summer?

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According to the picture, there are a lot of trees so I’m guessing everywhere. Just go camping under a tree with a tent. :)

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There are hardly any camping spaces that are not in the shade. In fact the only part of the park that isn’t heavily wooded is the huge special event meadow, which is not for camping.

Do take a lot of mosquito repellant, though. They will bite any inch of skin you haven’t put it on. I hate spray, so I use the gel, but I do not recommend it, because I missed too many spots and suffered for it.

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Sigh… I wish I was a west coaster sometimes.

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@ubersiren You have some gorgeous places to go: Deep Creek Lake, Rocky Gap State Park
and Backbone Mountain, Summit Point
just to mention a few

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@YARNLADY : This is true. I used to live 5 min away from Rocky Gap and about 30 from Deep Creek. I’ve been to those places more times than I can count! They are enormous fun and beautiful, especially in the fall. I guess the west just seems more exotic to me since I’ve never been there. One of my “bucket list” entries is to hike in the Redwood and Sequoia forests. :) Also Sea World.

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@ubersiren There is a Sea World in Orlando, which might be a little closer to you : – )

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