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How should I start composting?

Asked by rthgreen (7points) June 2nd, 2009
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find a nice spot in the backyard to put your pile on.

go to starbucks and get some free grounds.
throw some banana peels and eggs shells in.

add lawn clippings, vegetable skins, etc. – let percolate.

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Everything eponymoushipster just said.

I heard that if you add earthworms into the pile the compost will be A LOT richer.

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My son built a bin in the far corner out under the apple tree by pounding four sharpened 1 X 2’s into the ground and running chicken wire around them. This had the advantage of collecting the fallen apples along one side of the tree. We saved all kitchen scraps as well as yard waste other than large branches and such. As soon as he left home we backslid, though.

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