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How do you stay motivated at your job when things are not going well at work?

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Just think about the money.

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If you’re at that job for a reason, focus on what brought you there in the first place. If (like most people) you’re there just to earn a living, focus on the other good aspects of you life- relationships, friends, anything that keeps you going. And oh yeah, the money is pretty good too.

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Also, watch Office Space. That movie always gets me rough patches at work.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities yes indeed. There’s days I want to ask my boss “So what would you say… you do here?”

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What things are not going well? Is it interpersonal, technical, slow economics? If there is a way to address the issue at hand, it will raise your spirits and others’ morale. Try to be proactive and offer resolutions or distractions. I once had a short freelance gig modelmaking on a super tight deadline for a nazi architect. EVERYbody was like a zombie in there. One night, some of us had drinks and little by little everyone let out all their frustrations. After that, I swear, everyone was a lot lighter. A weight had been lifted. Sometimes, the place of work isn’t the place to solve the problem.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic You could also use a Jump To Conclusions Mat to decide what to do about your job.

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you just need to pound it out. I transferred departments to something alittle more stressful and physically demanding other than my old day job and though i hate it, and i do want to quit, its only for the summer/until remodel is over with. If you can grind through the rough patches, the smooth will feel so much better.

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I just think of it as a means to an end. Though, I’m in a slightly different situation in that I just have to finish my current project, and then I will be done with this place. I don’t really like what I am doing, and it doesn’t really interest me anymore, but it is the step I must take to move on to something new.

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talk to your supervisor about some new and innovative ideas you have that may spark growth and change.

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Phone the crash team.

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Personally when my work isn’t going well and I need to stay motivated (sales requires motivation), I do a number of things. I post positive affirmations around my desk and read them every few hours, I do the thing I dread most first so I can have a sense of accomplishment for the day, I try to find one thing to be thankful for at that moment in time, I try not to take things too seriously, and reward myself for having survived another day in hell by doing something I enjoy and promising myself tomorrow will be a little better than today :)

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If things are not going well at work, “motivation” isn’t your biggest problem. Find out what you’re doing that’s making things not go well and fix them.

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Weigh the odds of things changing, how I can affect them in my favor such as bolstering someone with the connections to help me. If I’m in a spot strictly for the money and see no other avenues within then I’ll either look for something else or ride it out if it’s the best deal going.

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Why stay motivated? Why not be like a lot of people, and do just what you need to do in order to get along?

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@daloon Doing the bare minimum just to get by doesn’t jive with me.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Then why are you having trouble with motivation? If you aren’t motivated, it’s because something is wrong, and if you don’t try to find a better situation, then it doesn’t make sense to try to bust your ass for someone or some organization that doesn’t give a shit.

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Looking for work elsewhere is my solution.

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The right thing to do if you really aren’t lovin’ it! Life is too short to spend it hating your days….

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