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Where should I move?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) December 26th, 2007

Minnesota winters have taken there toll. My ideal living is good weather, organic eats, everything you need in walking distance, a place to find good books, unique people that like to hang out, and very cheap living.

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The very cheap living part is going to be your problem! Seems as though the cost of living is rising everywhere now, unless you live out in rural areas.

Maybe you should look at moving further south into the VA, NC, SC, GA area. I am in SC and it is great. We have everything here in Greenville that you listed and the cost of living here is quite low compared to Atlanta, Charlotte, etc. I am an hour from Charlotte and about 2 hours from Atlanta.

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That is Utopia.

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Portland, Oregon, sounds like a good spot for all of the listed needs.

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Eugene, Oregon works too. We get a bunch of rain but it isn’t very bad.

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Chapel Hill, NC is a liberal bastion in a conservative state, full of what would have been considered well-to-do hippies in the past (organic, environmental, green). There are 6 major universities in the immediate area (cultural diversity), the Research Triangle Park (high tech/computer and drug companies) to soften and moderate economic/housing ups and downs, and we only rarely get into the teens (more typical winter temps are 50’s) or snow. We are 2 hours from the mountains and 2 hours from the beaches.

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San Diego.

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Wellington, New Zealand

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I’m thinking someplace in Brazil or Argentina.

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Denver, Colorado. It’s PERFECT :)

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Give Bolivia a shot!

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Kansas is really nice and friendly. I know I like it alot and I come from Boston.

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Take a look at Omaha, NE. Winters not too bad, great community theater, great zoo and good people. Two of my kids ended up there from SoCal.

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I completly agree w/ Robby. Kansas is my fav place in the world. Try Lawrence if you are liberal and Manhattan if conservative. If you like peace, quiet, down to earth people, Kansas is sure to please.

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Athens, Georgia
Boone, NC
Brasstown, NC
Culhowhee, NC
Columbia, SC

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I would live in New York City (Brooklyn) but that’s just me. Oh wait! I already live thereā€¦

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