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Did Project Natal make you want a xbox 360?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) June 2nd, 2009
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No. It made me want a digital media center with that functionality, or something similar. It didn’t make me want to play games with it. You will never be able to develop a legitimate, hardcore game with Natal. You can’t play an immersive RTS or a riveting FPS with just your body. It would be cool to use it to browse through a music collection or choose which movie I want to rent. It would be cool to have it log me into a personal profile of sorts just be recognizing my face. But I don’t think it will do very well for games.

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The games their were playing looked pretty good, I do agree you do need buttons for some games.

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No, they didn’t look good. They looked like incredibly cheesy minigames from a children’s game on the PS2.

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If you haven’t notices that’s what most people want.

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Good for “most people.”

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Interesting idea, but doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer tactile controls.

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after a long da’s work,I rather sit in my bean bag and use only my fingers and hands to play games
I don’t want to “dance” in front of the device to get guns to fire and to throw grenades..
So the answer is NO..

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