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Does the amount of responses to your question relate to what time of the day you ask it?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) June 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I know that there are people that fluther from all over the world but it seems like there’s a certain time, during the day, in the U.S. where your question gets more “traffic”. Do you agree? What time do you usually get on fluther? What time do you prefer to ask/answer questions?

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I do believe it does. My observations are that that this site is more active in North America during the evenings rather than during working hours. So If I were to ask a question (a rare event), I would ask it around 6pm EST.

That said, the flavour of the site changes depending on what time it is. I find it’s less jovial in the mornings, such as right now.

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I wouldn’t use 6 pm EST. That’s only 3 pm on our west coast (remember there’s a three hour difference between our east and west coasts).

To get evenings across the country, probably better to shoot for 10 pm EST or thereabouts.

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@dynamicduo So true about the mornings. I go to work at 530, and pop on here to catch up and usually there’s one or two other people on…and they’re trying to wake up as well (or haven’t gone to bed!)
I’ve noticed the same as @dynamicduo 6pm-8pm-EST is when I notice a burst in activity. I usually cannot get on at that time. I’ve also noticed around 10–11pm EST is very busy. I think that’s the west coasters getting on.

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It does seem things loosen up at night around here. In the morning we have jelly-hangovers.

Overall though I agree with @casheroo on times for activity.

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Yes. And never ask questions on a Tuesday night, U.S. I’ve noticed that this is a really slow time for fluther.

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Sundays during the day seem to be super slow to me.

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Hah! Mondays seem to be pretty slow, too! I thought it was pretty active last night, though.

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