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Why won't Fred Durst get out of my Twitter feed?

Asked by PupnTaco (13860points) June 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I started a second, shared Twitter account for a business venture. I selected 50 like-minded Twitterers to follow. Mixed in with the ones I’ve chosen are people like Fred Durst, the LA Lakers, and Neil Gaiman (he’s cool but I don’t want him in this particular feed).

Blocking them doesn’t solve it and they’re not being followed so I can’t Unfollow them.

What gives?

p.s. I know this isn’t Twitter support, I just like you all better. :)

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Fred Durst? That sounds like a nightmare! My condolences.

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I know, he was comparing women to cuts of meat last night. And thought he was being kind.

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he stays in your twitter for the nookie, ya ya the nookie.

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I fave all the fluther questions on mine and I can’t figure out how to turn it off.

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Aww, Dave. We like you, too.

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I think it either case (@Judi or @PupnTaco), you need to find the offending Twitter page by looking over on the right hand side of your own Twitter page, clicking onto that person’s twitter, and after it loads, choose “Block [~]” on the right hand side. Unfollowing the person would probably help as well.

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try using mycleener. it’s a third party webapp where you can quickly go down your list and delete users. i’d block too, for good measure. some ppl have these annoying apps where they can follow you and make you autofollow back, but i’ve never had it happen again after blocking someone.

also, twitter is often down. you try to do something but it doesn’t take. it’s not always obvious because you don’t always get the fail whale. meaning: try the action again later. also, you can often quickly find out if it’s twitter acting up by clicking on “trends”—for example, the other day i tried to change my photo. it said it worked but the pic didn’t change. clicking trends showed me that no one had been able to change their pic for the past few hrs. i tried later and it was up again. hope this helps.

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