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Do you think Fluther is a better alternative to Yahoo answer?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) June 3rd, 2009

You normally get better answers on Yahoo answers that’s because there are more people using it, then again you will always get a response on Fluther.

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Depends on what you’re looking for.

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i dunno. how many trolling questions a day do you get on Yahoo! Answers?

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In proportion maybe the same as Fluther. You would loose too many points so most people don’t bother.

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Fluther is the little fourth generation mom and pop Italian place with the checkered tablecloths and homemade fettuccine and clam sauce that is to die for.

Yahoo Answers is The Olive Garden.

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In what way is fluther an alternative to Yahoo Answer? Huh? I simply don’t see how they can be compared.

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You ask question and you get a response, I know you can ask any type of question on Yahoo answers and on Fluther you are more likely to get back to threads weeks later but they are essentially the same.

Why would you think their different? I use them for the same reason.

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Bah! You compare our Lobster to their spam?

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any dumbass can ask any stupid question and have any idiot answer it and begin a personal war on yahoo. i’m not into feeding the trolls. and too many people have access to yahoo, which also means, too many ignorant people. whereas, here, the ignorant are either educated or kicked out. there aren’t many stupid questions/answers around here. it’s kind of personal too. i like it.
i agree with @Dog our smorgasbord of lobster!

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Why would you think I’m trolling, if you were getting at that?

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I can’t imagine where you possibly got that from.

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it is certainly superior.
you have no idea how fast you will get your yahoo account suspended or deleted, just by upsetting some thin skinned users. every dolt can report a question for any reasons, and yahoo deletes them and sends you a violation notice/suspends your account without actually reading the question/answer if it really violates the terms of service.
you can appeal of course, but they reject your appeal by default.

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Strange, I’ve always found Yahoo answers to give the best answers. You always get people coming and going, you can’t just log in and ask still questions because you will run out of point, all the regulars users are experts in their topic and can give back better results.

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What type of questions are you asking?

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Yahoo Answers doesn’t have much of a community from what I’ve seen of it. This is different than Fluther. The two communities are similar in goal but different in application, thus I don’t really consider comparing them to be valid, in the same way I wouldn’t compare Fluther to another Q&A site I belong to.

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@johnpowell . . .that’s funny

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We have our experts, too. And the people who have been around here for a while recognize them. For example: Shilolo is the one you want to respond if you ask a medical q, gailcalled is the grammer and gardening queen, and I am the resident meteorologist, etc. (the list goes on and on). Problem is, most of the questions that get asked are opinion, or advice type questions, that anyone is qualified to answer.

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@johnpowell perfect.

@hi x ? – because this question reeks of troll.

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I will put Fluther to the test if you think you will get a better answer than Yahoo answer.
(Not trying to troll just seeing if you do)

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@hiiiiiiii again, sounds like trolling. if you think it’s better, go there.

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here comes “how is babby formed?”

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It gives better answers that’s obvious but I will always get a response here.

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@hiiiiiiii how are the answers better?

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In other words you prefer to be over there but you are getting ignored over there? Go figure.

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This is only a question, I’m asking what do you think.
I didn’t say Yahoo answers is better.

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Could you tell me anything that I said in particular in the question that sounded like trolling?

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@hiiiiiiii could you give me an example of a better answer? Because the “babby” answer was pretty impressive as a starter.

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We have millions of questions and millions of answers, you can always pick and choose, like you have done.

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I was on Yahoo! Answers in its Beta stage, when it had a community feel to it. Once it went public, it became too cumbersome to navigate through all the crap.

Fluther has maintained a community feel after 2 1/2 years, of which I’ve been here just under 2. I’m not as active in the social aspect as other members are, but I still like knowing that these people really care.

The membership may also be smaller, but it seems that the majority of people here are very insightful and compassionate. The population at Y!A seemed to have become more ignorant and attention-seeking. I haven’t been over there in a long while (I went there to get the link to my profile, so it shows I was there today), but I doubt that it’s changed much.

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@hiiiiiiii so pick one. or, if you feel one excels in certain areas, and one in other areas, use them both. but don’t compare them.

frankly, i don’t see why anyone would use Y!A at all. the interface alone seems irritating.

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I don’t get how you could be offended at me comparing them, Yahoo answers is good and fluther is.

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Oh my! There are two of the same user! However could that happen? I’m on to you lort/hiiiiiiii.

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F**k Yahoo Answers!

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@johnpowell God, I love that video.

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How many times has this been asked? Please, use the search tool!

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Yahoo Answers is full of hatred.

Fluther is full of lurve.

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^^ Amen

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@hiiiiiiii I think what you are seeing is that most people here, if not all, prefer fluther and find Y!A to be a waste of time. That doesn’t mean you should find Y!A a waste of time, but it does suggest that you are looking for something different than the average flutherite is looking for.

As many other answerers have said, fluther provides much more of a sense of community; you can say things in an adult way and acutally discuss topics instead of just answering questions. Because of the way fluther is moderated (i.e., by people, not bots), we get nuanced moderation that helps build the place instead of formulaic moderation that kills community.

All that having been said, your own opinion should be the one that counts for you. It really shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks. So, when you ask a question like this, it suggests you are looking to create trouble, rather than asking a sincere question. A sincere question would be something like what are the pluses and minuses of Y!A. Or how do fluther and Y!A compare.

You asked a normative question. That is, you asked which is better. Questions like that create divisiveness. I’ll say it again. It doesn’t fucking matter which is better. There is no better. It’s only in your mind that one is better than the other! No one else is concerned with that question.

Now please, try to ask friendly questions, not divisive ones. You seem like an accidental troll who just made a mistake. Try to learn, and please don’t do it again.

Get it?

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I don’t like Yahoo anything. Yahoo is to Google as Myspace is to Facebook.

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“better answers on Yahoo”

no matter how many times i reread that, i just can’t comprehend it.

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Fluther is a better alternative to everything. (Except for sex, maybe)

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people are funnier and friendlier, so yes.

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