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Do you think that the overly tanned look (for both men and women) is attractive?

Asked by Jude (32120points) June 3rd, 2009

Personal preference thing here, but, I really don’t understand the appeal of the overly tanned look. I don’t like it on myself or on anyone else. To me, it looks neither healthy nor attractive. I know women who can’t wait to get out there during early summer and begin the “baking process” (I have a few friends like that).

You look older, and it’s unhealthy, too.

Give me my lily white French Canadian/Scottish skin any day. I’m totally down with that!

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tanning doesn’t cure ugly.

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Nope. Beyond that though, I dislike people who believe that tanning makes them look good, and I dislike the mentality that makes tanning popular.

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I don’t like the overly-tanned look. Nothing wrong with a regular natural tan, but those ones that look overly dark are just not my thing. Some people just tan better than others (I tan well…haha), but to overdo it to get that Shibuya girl look is not attractive in my opinion.

I have to go take a long nap now… :)

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No, I agree it looks unhealthy except on little children. Also, I’ve yet to see a natural looking artificial tan. People are crazy where I live though, even darker skinned people use it for a more “even” look, they use spray tanning as a body make up,

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A nice healthy tan looks good on anyone, but that weird orangey-brown leather color is just freaky.

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Skin cancer is so in right now, so why not be orange?

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Orange people are not attractive. A light tan can be ok but the obviously fake ‘orange’ look so many people get these days is pretty gross imo.

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I like being tan, but I know I shouldn’t go tanning at salons. I do like to be a bit darker than I am naturally, but I wait for the summer for that. And that’s rare, since I can’t be outside for extended periods with my little ghost baby. He is so white that he glows. He didn’t burn when we went to the beach, which was surprising.

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No…. In fact I tend to favor lighter colored skin over tanned.

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Natural tan = awesome
Natural pale = awesome
Fake tan = hell to the fucking no. Back, beast! Back!

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Fake tans just look fake.
But hey if you want to look superficial, then orange skin tones are the way to go.

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Why anyone would want to have orange skin is beyond me. It’s good for a few chuckles though.

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Not just the fake orange tan. I’m talking the leathery look (natural tan, though, excessive).

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Those people still look orange.

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@jmah No. It still looks god awful.

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That beef jerky look? No.

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Yeah, the naturally tanned to death look does NOT age well. Let me tell you, internets… bleach blond hair and fake tan at 50 makes you look like a BBQed mummy in drag. DON’T DO IT.

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I’m fair skinned & I don’t tan worth a damn. I burn. And the tanning creams don’t do well. I think a natural skin tone looks way better than a fake one.

I used to work with a 20+ year old girl that tanned 3 times a week, year round. She got so dark one summer that people were making fun of her. She already had old looking skin. I wonder what she looks like now?!

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Beware of this happening. Or, you could turn out looking like an Oompa Loompa. Bad news.

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@essieness Wow she looks like a Star Trek alien. Not from the new movie either. We’re talking season one of TNG with the low budget costumes and bad makeup

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@essieness I thought your link was going to look something like this or maybe this.

I do not like the overly tan look on men or women. It is unattractive, not to mention dangerous. When someone explained to me that tanning is actually the skin’s way of protecting itself, I was done, I slather myself in 50 spf daily during the summer.

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@SuperMouse I was totally looking for that guy in the second picture, but I couldn’t remember his name.

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Not at all. To be quite honest i think that some people look worse when they tan. They almost have a orange tint to them. They look like an OompaLoompa

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no. in fact, i prefer lighter skin.

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Gee, I’m feeling better & better about not being tan. You guys are a moral booster.

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