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Was Nickolodean best during the 1990's? Or do you feel nick shows are better now?

Asked by Kenyan (295points) June 4th, 2009 from iPhone

My opinion is that the 90’s were the best with shows like: My Brother and Me, All That, Keenan and Kel, Rocko’s Modern Life. The list goes on and on

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Legend of the hidden temple!!!!

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Without a doubt, 90s nick owned.

Pete and Pete
Legends of the Hidden Temple (i have a silver snakes shirt :P)
Ahhh! Real Monsters
Rockos Modern Life
Ren and Stimpy
Angry Beavers
Salute your shorts
Clarissa explains it all
Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Yeaaaaaa the shows on now pretty much suck.

anyone remember weinerville :P

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@hug of war, @uberbatman. I forgot all about Legends of the Hidden Temple! I used to always want to go on that show. I miss the 90’s :(

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I also remember Roundhouse and All That. They were fun shows to watch in college. Those kids were better than SNL at the time and on early enough that I could watch while having supper and then go out on Saturdays. I used to sing the Roundhouse theme in the shower!

Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy each had rabid fanbases at my school.

I remember the red-headed kid from Salute Your Shorts when he was the “last-ditch cute kid” on Diff’rent Strokes in the 80s.

And Weinerville totally suuuuucked!

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The theme song to Angry Beavers was so catchy!!

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you know you were 90s kids when you can still sing the theme song to Hey Dude….

either that or your still complete nerds…nope i’m going with a 90s kid!

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Anybody remember GUTS??

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Nick was awesome back then. Now I have no idea what shows are on.

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90’s nick was better.

But I think that in ~10 years, the kids watching it will say the same thing about their nick…

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@Kenyan the angry beavers theme is my ringtone on my phone :P

@boots i only agree with that because i think the shows will only get worse, but if those kids go back and watch our shows, they will see they were better.

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Pete and Pete was awesome. Michael Stipe as Captain Scrummy! All the cool rock people were on that show! My roommate, who was a teen in the 90s, has Pete and Pete on DVD.

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@uberbatman. Thats an awsome ringtone. It just makes ya want to dance “Dadada da da da da dada da Da da”

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The 90s were the golden age of Nick. [observes a moment of silence for its passing]

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@MacBean why do the good die young :(....

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I fear that I believe that those early morning LoonyTune fests back in the 50s beat Nick all hollow, no matter what decade. Where else can you learn opera while thinking you are just destroying your brain?

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I missed the 90’s boat with Nickelodian, so I have no idea what most of the shows mentioned so far were even about. Ren and Stimpy, of course, but the others…?????? I must have been a Nick fan in the 80’s, when I was all about Danger Mouse and You Can’t Do That On Television. I have fond memories of eating dinner from McDonald’s on a TV tray in the living room, giggling over Danger Mouse!

The only show on Nickelodian I like now is Avatar: The Last Airbender. My daughter started watching that and got us all hooked on it. That show rocks!!

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@uberbatman – Pete and Pete rocked. What ever happened to the band, Polaris ?

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It hasn’t been the same since You Can’t Do That On Television went down ;-(

Other favorites of TV past were:
Pete & Pete
Rocko’s Modern Life
Ahh Real Monsters
Are You Afraid of the Dark

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When i was really little i used to watch shows like Franklin, Little Bear, and Gula Gula Island

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My personal opinion EVERYTHING was better in the 90s. Music was better. Videos were better. Tv was better. Toys were better. I miss the 90s.

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@Ashalah. So true. Now all we have is Soulja Boy and wuteva is playing on Nick Now.

I miss Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, and Doug also

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@MissAusten – I remember those 80s programs! I used to watch Bananaman, too. When I grew up, I discovered that the voices on Bananaman were those of actors of a 70s-era English live-action comedy show I love, The Goodies.

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Nick was definitely better in the 90’s, but so was just about every other channel.

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I was too old to fully appreciate gulla gulla island when it was airing, but I still get the theme song in my head all the time. Lately it’s been a super annoying remix version.

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Good question,i miss the old nick shows. I loves those family games where you would go threw slime and what not against another family,always interesting to watch..

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@Darwin—I completely agree with you, 100%! But since the question was only about Nickelodeon (which almost nobody seems to be able to spell) then the 90s was definitely the era of awesomeness.

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@MacBean. Sorry for the spelling. Ill just stick to saying Nick lol

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I just have to mention Rugrats(original), and Kablam

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@Kenyan—You don’t need to apologize. It’s not an easy word to spell and everyone knew what you meant. <3

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sings theme to Gulla Gulla Island and still wondering what ”Just take a boot in the hand” meant.

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@boots. Come on sing it with me “So come and lets play together, in tha bright sunny weather lets all go to Gula Gula Island” lol…memories

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what about 80’s nickelodeon? You can’t do that on Television, Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Double Dare?

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Does anyone remember Stick Stickley? He would announce the shows before they came on.. he was so funny. I miss all those shows from the 90’s!

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@hondagirrlx click the first link on my first response :P

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@hondagirrlx Write to me, Stick Stickley, P.O. Box 963, New York City, New York state, 10108!

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Simmer class

I still say this :)

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I just got slimed by a bunch of Doozers. I didn’t know I couldn’t do that…

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