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How can I access special characters for my Fluther questions and answers?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) June 4th, 2009

I see people using the a with the cool little accent over it, or foreign characters and sit in awe wondering how they work this magic! Please tell me how!

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Mac or PC?

edit :: or Linux?

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á . I find that copy and paste work well…... but here you go:

** I have not tested this though… may be bunk.

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I use the copy-and-paste solution. I find the word I want, or just a word containing the character I want, in Wikipedia or a dictionary or via Google search and then just paste it in. Special characters are usually retained in answer boxes, but note, not in question topics.

Now you too can be awesome.

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I’m going to try the copy and paste solution in this very post:


Well what do you know, it worked! Thank you!

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Enable the International Keyboard layout (

Or use the ALT-keycodes (

Or just copy and paste.

I personally use the international keyboard layout, so that I can easily type things like

¡Hola! ¿Queires tú ir a la playa?

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@MrItty that is so cool! Thanks!

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It’s usually ALT+ a combination of three numbers.
For example alt+129 = ü
There’s several websites that have many many of these codes.

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I have a Firefox add-on for international keyboard functionality.

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My computer has a function list when I click on the ‘start’ button, but I only use the ones that are available here, below the answer box or the entire list

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@YARNLADY: I’ve read your post at least 3 times, and I still have no idea what any of it means. A function list? My start button has a list of programs and folders that are on my computer… Do you use Linux or something? wtf

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When I go to ‘start’ I see a word that says ’ all programs’, I get a long list of stuff, and I go to “accessories” on that list. It takes me to a list of more stuff, and when I click on “system tools” it give me another list of stuff, and one of them is “character map”. That’s the one that has all those little symbols I need.

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@YARNLADY,:Okay I get it now.

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@YARNLADY I have the same thing, but somehow, the icon just disappeared. So, what I do now, is I go “Start” and then the “Run…” program and type in “charmap” and it brings it up. :)

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