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Inexpensive but amazing place to get a massage in San Francisco?

Asked by zina (1661points) December 5th, 2006
Preferably somewhere you've been, so you know it's good.
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Have you ever been to Kabuki Springs & Spa? It's an amazing spa in japantown. If you get a massage there (I think around $80) you also get unlimited time to soak in the wonderful hot tubs, steam room, sauna, etc. OR, if you want super cheap, forgo the massage and just spend $20 to go to the spa...a soak in their beautiful hot tubs will be incredibly relaxing. The whole place is beautiful and clean and indulgent. One caveat: you have to be okay with being totally naked in front of other women (check their website to see which days are for women only and which are men only...tues is co-ed with bathing suits).
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I also know that YogaTreeSF studios is having a special right now where if you buy a certain number of yoga classes you get a free hour-long massage. I got one there, it was pretty good, not amazing, but hey--it was free.
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the yoga tree deal is 1 hour massage and 5 classes for $99
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I'm looking for a guy, for whatever difference it makes.
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Its not SF, but in the Piedmont district of Oakland there's a place called Piedmont Springs and its awesom. The massages are GREAT and you can rent a private hottub (semi outdoors) beforehand which is exciting and makes the massage even better.
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I've heard there are massage schools where you can go for free/ridiculously cheap as well. Maybe not the best massage, but it's an interesting option...
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Mindful Body in Pacific Heights; it's typically 60/hour (plus tip). They rent the spaces out the the therapists, so don't mark up the prices like spas typically do (have yoga classes as well). Only had female massage therapists, so I can't recommend a male...

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