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Should a compliment slip really say 'With Compliments'?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 5th, 2009

Perhaps this is a stupid question to some, but it always bugs me. When I design new stationery for a client I always wonder whether the ‘With Compliments’ part of a compliment slip is a bit of a gimmick? Or whether it is even relevant these days? In college, my tutor always said it was a gimmick, but when I did some stationery for a client a while a go and they saw that the compliment slip didn’t say ‘with compliments’ they were confused and asked why I didn’t add this? Would you say it is a design gimmick or is it a necessity to you and why?

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I’d say some kind of message is appropriate, but often suggest to clients that ‘With Compliments’ can seem a bit bland / cliché – have a think about it depending on the client, and what their primary use for the slips will be, and take it from there.

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