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Is there a way to pull out, what you might call wheel casings, in the feet of a bureau?

Asked by norah (241points) June 5th, 2009

I’m fixing up an old bureau and someone puts wheels on it (now broken and non functional), it was easy to get the actual wheels out, but the things that held them are deep into the wood. Should I try to get those out? If so, how? Maybe I should just buy new wheels (it occurs to me now)? Suggestions?

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These are called “caster sockets”. Are they metal or plastic?

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Then here’s what’s likely up in there. It will just be hammered up into the hole, but not glued. That toothed collar will be embedded into the wood, but if you can dig a flat screwdriver deep enough to catch under the edge of the collar, you have a good chance of being able to pry it up.

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thanks!! I am thinking about just buying some new wheels as well.

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Cool, but be aware that the stems of caters are usually made to fit a very specific socket. When you buy casters, they usually sell the sockets with them.

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