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Don't you love to answer questions without reading the detail and then get disappointed when you read the details?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11283points) June 5th, 2009

For instance, I saw this question: “How do you start a juice bar?” Well, I wanted to be a smart ass and say “You prime it with gas and then pull the cord until it starts”. Yea. yea. Bad joke I know. But honestly, some of these questions positively scream for smart ass answers. Anyway, your task is to find a Fluther Q that you want to post a smart ass answer to but would feel bad if you did it on the posters thread. Do it here instead! god i am lame

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Not as disappointed as I got when I read the details to this question.


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Yea. Hilarious though

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My smart ass answer is “maybe that is how you see it but actual human beings think differently”.

I must admit that felt pretty good.

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What is this “feel bad” thing you speak of?

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@Blondesjon: I know. I am guilty of posting smart ass answers. But I honestly do feel bad at times and try not to do it if the poster needs real advice.

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@GAMBIT Glad you feel good. Although that answer wasn’t smart it certainly came from an ass.

ohhh I’m tingling with anticipation of GAMBITS next attempt

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what are these “smart ass answers” you speak of? I certainly would never ever do such a thing.

i mean, people come to fluther with serious questions – well thought out, literate, rational questions. and they want answers on those questions, no matter what the girl/guy does to show s/he likes/doesn’t like him/her, no matter whether or not they believe God exists, and no matter why they’re wondering what fluther is, despite having already signed up for it.

and i’m here to answer them.~

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I do. But I only do it to not-so-serious questions, because I’m just like that. If I asked something seriously and someone was a dick about it, that would bother me. But if I asked something less serious.. Like hypothetically speaking “What temperature should I bake my chicken at?” I would EXPECT smartass answers and give them all the lurve in the world.

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All the lurve in the world you say?

350 degree for 30 minutes.

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@brettvdb Yes, all the lurve in the world.

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I just really wish that people would use the site properly and summarize their question in the title field instead of asking a totally different question, like that emotional affairing woman a few threads away who titled her question about the sanctity of marriage but her details were a huge spluff of her life story. When I read it on the front page, my mind starts formulating an answer, which is promptly thrown off course when the details don’t jive.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous – I am totally confused. I tried to give you what you asked for. This is lame.

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once, but it turned out to be late

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