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First impressions..accurate or not?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 5th, 2009

People say “first impressions” are the most important but can you really judge a person based on one day/one moment in time..what if they had a “off” day..

How accurate do you think first impressions are?

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Often, they’re not accurate at all.

But, I think first impressions are very important. Whether or not it’s “right” people do remember what they first thought of you. When I get a negative first impression of someone, I’m less likely to approach them in a friendly way the next time.

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Most of the time they are not accurate, but much of how you see a person will be built upon that until you really get to know them. And even if it was right, you most likely still won’t see the full picture for a while.

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I am reading a book called “Blink” about first impressions and opinions formed instantly or gut reactions. Scientifically, they seem to prove accurate. Personally, I believe the whole first impression package is generally accurate. Not just appearance or if the person was nervous. Rather, what they said, how they said it, how they carried themselves, did they look you in the eye, did they seem honest, the whole first impression “package” – when I double check later I was usually correct from the beginning.

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I can get very nervous when meeting a person for the first time, I can come off as too shy, maybe snobbishly shy – at time. I have improved, but it can be bad, very bad!

Take the first impression into consideration, but evaluate on the second and third.

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Not always.A while back I had a co-worker(male) who always spoke of oil in the bath water,and always putting lotion on his arms and hands and his body language was of a very femenine demeanor.I am upfront and was tired of everyone calling him queer behind his back,so I asked him one day.As it turned out he was raised by his aunt,grandmother and mom,and had nothing but sisters.He and I became good friends and one day he invited me to a BBQ.I brought beer for the guys and wine for the women and had a great time.He had a great girlfriend who had great female friends that i got to meet and go out with.Can’t always judge a book by its cover.

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Not accurate at all.

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I rarely hold things against someone from the first meeting. I don’t think much of first impressions at all.

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Not very. I think it’s common if someone makes a good first impression then most of us look a little deeper but if someone makes a bad impression then we are kind of dismissive.

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I was just writing how a stick to first impressions; then it occurred to me that every close friend I have were the ones that surprised me.

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First impressions are not accurate, but are the” be all, end all” in this media obsessed world. It is easier to dismiss quickly the ugly, the worn, the oppressed, the fat, the skinny, the old, the young, the differnnt, than look deeper into their heart, minds and souls to search for the true value, talent and opportunity that they may hold. I vehemently oppose the theory that perception is reality and that first impressions are accurate is a corollary of this untruth.

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people do tend to judge others by first impressions. sometimes first impressions really are how the person is like. however, there are those that tend to act a certain way when they know they’re about to meet someone of importance (i.e. blind date, celebrity, etc.). it’s ultimately up to the person to decide whether to go by first impressions or to at least give it a 2nd shot. if you have the same impression the 2nd time around, then you know the 1st experience was the truth. but if you find the person to be completely different than when you first met, then you would either be grateful or regretful to have the 2nd meeting. you have to take into consideration that some people are just trying too hard to impress certain people when first meeting them.

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I hated both of my best friends the first time I met each of them. I don’t put too much stock in first impressions.

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First impressions are not accurate, but gut feelings usually are.

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In my former occupation, I was cognizant of the importance of first impressions but I continuously and consciously put myself in a disadvantaged position because I had confidence in my ability to always overcome that position. I worked for an extremely conservative corporation in an even more conservative industry whose primary customers were even more…well you get the point. I dressed sharply, stood straight, was always respectful and attentive, pleasant and freindly and had a pony-tail down to my waist. I was also articulate, knew my business extremely well and knew how to behave myself. There were never any customer complaints and I advanced in that corporation very quickly. I do not believe my hair deterred me at any time, in any fashion. If anything, it distinguished me from the rest of the bean counters.

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They may not be accurate, but they are what counts more often than not. It’s a shame. In effect, though, this means they become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and thus are accurate, in one way of looking at it.

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