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Do you request facebook friends or do you just wait for people to request you?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 6th, 2009

do you wait for people to friend you or do you search out people and request them? do you look for pretty much anybody you know or do you accept people who you don’t know that well, but may have something in common, like having attended the same high school?

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I request good friends, but just wait for anyone else. I only have about 150 people people on my friends list, and I speak to every one quite often. I usually reject or just don’t do anything if a person I don’t know requests me.

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I search out good friends…and then I add other people I have stuff in common with if I come across them randomly.

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I only add people I know. I just signed on last Tuesday & I was flooded with AV people, family & friends. After that, I went looking for people I know.

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I haven’t added any new friends in awhile. When I do now, it’s either the person has just joined Facebook, or it’s someone I knew way back in elementary school and I added them cause I was bored.

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I added a bunch of people when I first joined, and sometimes I friend request people, but I get some as well. I have no specific routine when it comes to befriending people on Facebook.

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Import them from my e-mail acct. and add a few other friends of friends I’d like to get to know in the future.

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Mostly mported them from my e-mail acct. and added a few other friends of friends I’d like to get to know in the future.

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I add friends, but I never refuse a friend request.
What annoys me is how Facebook recommends a friend. Ya, he is friends with 3 of my friends, but he was a complete dick in school, and I laughed when I heard he had that brain aneurysm and nearly died 25 years ago. No, I don’t want to be his stinking friend.
Unless he asks first.

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I only add people I know. By “know” I mean “have spoken to in real life before”. That includes acquaintances and real friends. But I don’t add people I meet on the internet and I definitely don’t add random people.

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I will seek out good friends or people that I want to be in contact with, but otherwise, I just wait for the requests.

I don’t accept random requests at all…

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I never add people, I figure if I’m important enough to them they’ll request me. And if not, it’s no skin off my back. As long as I know someone, I’ll add them. Even if knowing is simply through the internet.

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I imported my contact list first, but now I generally just wait for people to add me. If I see someone in the suggested list that I really want to add, I’ll do it, but that’s pretty rare. I’m already friends with everyone I care to be friends with.

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Isn’t that what facebook is for? So is Myspace and other websites. It’s like adding a new flutherite…

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I request people who I know really well. I get many other requests, too, and I’m fine with that!

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