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Anyone know how to look up an old phone number in Manhattan?

Asked by srmorgan (6763points) June 6th, 2009

I want a phone number for someone who was listed in the Manhattan directory from 1975 to 1979

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Call the New York Public Library. They are good at that kind of thing.

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I would try and get an old phone book. The public library does seem like a good place for that. Or, somebody who has a grandmother living in the city.

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What you need is a compulsive hoarder.

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I’d go with asking the library, or you could try to determine which phone company was in service at the time, and see if there’s a company archive.

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@YARNLADY It was always NY Telephone, now part of Verizon.

As far as the library goes, they probably have the books but I doubt that they will do lookups like this over the phone or via e-mail but I have an old friend at a branch whom I can ask to make the call for me

Thanks to all..


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@srmorgan – have faith. The last time I was in New York (admittedly some 10 years ago) it was the Public Library, right there in Manhattan, that helped me find a number that, for one reason or another, was not listed in the Manhattan phone book (the number had been left out by accident, just before the directory went to press; and the directory inquiries was perfectly useless). The service handles over 60,000 queries every year, some by e-mail, most by telephone.

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