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Is it silly to still have a xanga?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) June 7th, 2009

Does anyone remember the ancient social networking site that was xanga. i use it daily to upload icons . . .a pointless hobby but my pride and joy none the less. Is it pointless to Keep a xanga when everyone else but my iconer friends have forgotten about it?

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No, not if you enjoy it. Especially if you keep your work someplace off site too.

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So long as it brings you enjoyment, it’s not silly at all.

Hell, I’m almost forty, own a house, professional job, husband, have a daughter, etc. and I still read comic books every week. Haven’t missed one since I was twelve. I don’t consider my hobby the least bit silly.

And neither should you.

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I agree – not if it makes you happy. I still have a MySpace, although I don’t go there anymore – because that’s where I blogged – and they are still there…I might want to add to them someday.

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No, I don’t think so, even though I didn’t know what a xanga was until I read this question. I thought it might be some kind of primitive skateboard or possibly some sort of hair device.

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I still have my xanga, and I use it to update new developments in my life to the people there I can’t contact any other way. I thought about shutting it down, but I’ve had it for many years, and just can’t bring myself to kill it.

I did however kill my FaceBook account and will do the same with MySpace pretty soon. Those two serve no real purpose for me, and I very much dislike them. If people are looking for me, they need to come to Fluther.

Oh that reminds me, I need to kill my Askville account. Anyone want to buy some Askville gold, cheap?

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Xanga is Old School!!! Like I.C.Q. lol!! It’s still my favorite place to blog, I won’t ever get rid of mine!!

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No, I miss a lot of things about xanga.

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I think if you still like using it then don’t delete it. I still have my xanga account and even though I am sure nobody reads it anymore, I still enjoy writing in it. I love to go back and read the old entries.

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