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Why does my kitten follow me everywhere?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) June 7th, 2009

I have grown up with cats, and I just got a kitten. I have had him for about 4 weeks and he is 12 weeks old. Great cat…
The only usual thing is that he follows me everywhere, up-stairs, downstairs, in the bathroom, porch, just everywhere around the house. I have never had a cat that did this. Oh and I love that he does it! just curious that he does. Do you think he will grow out of it? or something else?

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he thinks youre his momma :)

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He loves you!!!

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Ike was like that. He was the runt of the litter and his momma rejected him, refusing to let him nurse. I was happy to play surrogate and hand feed him formula. When he got a little older, he followed me everywhere; he just didn’t like me out of his sight. As he has grown into adulthood this has subsided, somewhat. I think adopting another cat (Ziggy) the same age as Ike helped.

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He lurves you! He probably will grow out of it though, like mine did =(

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So you got him at 8 weeks old? A kitten is weaned at 8 weeks, but not really socially developed. Likely he sees you as the replacement for his mother and/or siblings, who he probably would follow around at that age, as well.

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He sure looks up to you!
OK Ok , sorry, had to say it

If the kitten was with a big litter, he could be a bit lonely and just wants to be sure you don’t leave him like the rest of the litter did.

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I personally thinks it’s great the connection we have with certain animals. Not really symbiosis, though you could debate that.
I wonder what they must think of us with our strange machines and complicated lived, maybe they’re too busy with that piece of string, look there it goes again dangling above his head :P

Almost all mammal kids are curious and he or she likes you.

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Is it by chance an orange or orange/white cat?

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I got him from the local pound.
He was in a cage with 7 other kittens all about his age but it was hard to tell if they were litter mates or not.

Right now he is sleeping in between the keyboard and computer screen. With his head over the F10, F11,F12 keys.

I dont want him to ever grow up

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hes a brown tabby with long hair

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Aaawwww!!! Take lots of baby pictures. Mine used to like to sleep against my neck, under my chin. At 4 years old and 14 lbs, he still wants to do this.

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He lurves you.

We got a cat at 4 weeks, and he attached to the beagle we had. He still acts just like our old beagle.

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@PandoraBoxx: Ike is like that. He rested on my chest as a kitten when I would recline on the couch. Now as a full grown cat, it’s just anoying that he still wants to do that.

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I have found brown tabbies to be the most loving, affectionate and vocal cats. Does he knead you? Cats are awesome.

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