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What does it mean if your pupils are dilated very large even in sunlight and low light?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) June 7th, 2009

Is there a medical explanation of this? I remember this happening to me a few years back and it lasted a few days. It was a really interesting time which was very enlightening yet I couldn’t understand why my pupils were so dilated.

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The ‘shrooms are kicking in?

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@blondesjon nope… without any substance.

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Well in Bondejon’s defense, you did say it was an “enlightening time” so I immediately thought of some kind of acid or shrooms too.

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I natually have larger pupils than the “norm”, any eye doctor I see always comments on it. I need larger contacts became of it, and larger glasses (my eyes are just big in general) I was under the impression that some people just have larger pupils than others.

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