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How should i propose to my girlfriend?

Asked by indanavy880 (2points) June 8th, 2009

I live in the san francisco bay area and I am trying to figure out a very romantic way of proposing to her. It needs to be totally surprising.

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gat down on yer nees and jist go fer it

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If it is totally, totally surprising, as in she has absolutely no idea this is on your mind, maybe you should wait a little until she is thinking more along the same lines.

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Do it by the San Francisco Bay! That would be so romantic. Take her somewhere to eat by there. Then go for a walk and get on your knee to pop the question! I wish the best for you!

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Take something that is very special to you two and work it into the scenario. Bicycling, classic western movies, opera, birdwatching, Winnie the Pooh… take whatever thing feels right and work from there.

Conversely, to surprise her completely you can arrange for something horrific to happen in front of her (like a staged accident or something) and distract her, then give her the double whammy by proposing while she’s still in shock.

Or you could follow the lovely advice of the people above and Just Do It.

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I have exactly what you need. Hundreds of ideas. Read them all, and at least one has to jump out at you. Let us know what happens!!!!

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La Chica Gomela definitely nailed some great ideas. I also love the way this guy proposed to his girlfriend.

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Gun point ! lol
When i proposed i went on one knee and was told to get up and not be an idiot . I even asked her father for her hand . It would be best not to plan it much as you will over complicate it and your brain will try to tell you no dont do it .

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@sandystrachan, but did it work?

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Been married for 7–8 years now . Maybe the reason she didnt want me to be on my knee was it was in the middle of town and was very busy , so i did it again nearer the car she said yes got married and are now expecting our third child .

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Thank you so much everyone. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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