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How much lurve?

Asked by dalepetrie (18009points) June 8th, 2009

Just curious if anyone knows what quip has gotten the most lurve (or more specifically most GA clicks, because we all know you can get 5 GAs and only one of them adds to your lurve if 4 of the people maxed out). I’m not looking for a contest like “I got 12, beat THAT”....just if you know of a way to look it up, or you remember an answer that had more GAs than you’d ever seen before. Don’t know why I ask, just curious….

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It was the one where I answered…oh wait…that was AstroChuck. Hmmm…Oh yeah! I put this kick ass response to this one religious ques…uh, nope, that was AstroChuck too. Ok I remember now. I saw a question about sex that immediately made thi…Goddamnit! AstroChuck!!!

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I was just wondering this.
I don’t understand the maxed out comment. Can you explain?

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I’m going to go ahead and say it was probably AstroChuck or Gailcalled on the receiving end, but I’m curious about others answers.

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@filmfann: Somebody can only give a specific user X amount of lurve before you cannot add to their tally anymore. Like most people with AstroChuck.

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I am unable to find any reference to this on the site. How do you know this?

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I don’t know a way to look it up, but I’ll bet it’s this one.

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@dverhey . . .First rule of Fluther. You don’t talk about Fluther.

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My God… That was a lurve orgy! 60 for her, and everyone else got over 5.
Too bad I was too jaded to join that.

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@nikipedia Thanks for getting me misty eyed again.

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You didn’t ask this, but I’m thinking the “Frizzer Question” got the most Great Questions.
I was wrong. It was the same question Niki linked to.

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thanks for the answers, especially the link…60…holy #^!$ And what a great story.

And to explain the lurve max out thing…any one person can only be responsible for 100 points of your score as I understand it, so even though it shows in your GA total and your lurve tracker says +5 for GA, it doesn’t add to the number behind your username.

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I think this thread would be the best one for me to get “the most Great Answers I have ever had” on. So, as John, Paul, George, and Ringo asked:

Lurve, Lurve me do
You know I Lurve you
Fluther I’ll always be true
So pleeeasse…Lurve me do.

I may be a whore but at least I’m an honest one.

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@Blondesjon And that new avatar looks like a serial killer!

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I think both the most GAs and GQs are from whatthefluther’s marriage proposal thread.

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So did they ever get married?

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@chyna :: As far as I know they did on the 29th of last month.

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I didn’t even know about that thread, shows how closely I’VE been paying attention. OH well. Yes, I’ve never seen anything even approaching that, but well deserved.

I’ve also seen a number of questions like “join me in congratulating USERXXX for reaching the 10k club.” Makes me wonder, are the people posting these just paying attention and looking out for that, or is there any way here to rank users by total lurve? I’d assume not, as that would add an air of competition, and that’s not what lurve’s about, but maybe someone knows something I don’t?

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@dalepetrie . . .nobody’s ever sent you the link to the “lurve shack” where jellies trade and barter for goods with their hard earned, tax free, lurve?

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@Blondesjon: Didn’t it used to be known as the chatroom?

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I still can’t believe of all the questions I’ve posited, the one about Testing competitive eaters for marijuana got 19 GQ’s in a day.

I don’t know how to look it up, I just remember the ones that get a lot of responses.
That goes for everyone not just my own stuff.

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Milo here; Remember that I write and feed gailcalled all her good lines. She is the puppet and I am the master in this relationship.

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@chyna – They aren’t married yet. Sherry/sccrowell is still looking for her dress.

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All I can say is… How the f*** did I miss that convo??? I must congratulate the two!! Ah!

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Nope, I missed out on the lurve trading. Just as well, I hear the government is cracking down on Jelly prostitution.

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@PnL Well, it should be perfect, so I can certainly understand.

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Ok, so the number with the username is the lurve count? I thought it was the amount of answers given. Still clueless here on the 3rd day. LOL Oh, while I’m asking, what’s that first rule about Fluther… don’t talk about Fluther? You mean on here or anywhere on the internet? Please clarify. Thanks!

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