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Where, in Dublin, should I propose?

Asked by ModernEpicurian (1638points) June 21st, 2012

I’ve decided that I am going to ask my long suffering girlfriend to marry me.

Towards the end of August we are going to Dublin for a few days.

Having not been to Dublin for any amount of time previously, I would really appreciate any tips I can be given as to where I could pop the question. Or even a suggestion as to where we can have a nice meal afterwards?

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Lovely idea. Depends on what you as a couple consider to be important, etc.
There’s so many lovely places in Dublin that you could propose…Does she like literature? History? The grounds of Trinity college are beautiful, but it may not be what you want.

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I’d suggest St. Stephen’s Green. There are lots of pretty spots there!

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I am assuming you mean Dublin, Ireland, and not, say, Dublin, California.

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The cliff walk at Howth Head offers beautiful views. There are a number of restaurants in the village which is very charming and unspoiled.

Howth is an easy DART ride out from Dublin.

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A nice irish pub… a good Smithwicks… and then… ask her… :)

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@ml3269 Smithwicks? In Dublin? Blasphemy!
When in Dublin, you go to where the Nectar of the Gods is brewed.

But not sure that’s where I would propose. Okay, I lie. That’s EXACTLY where I would propose, but maybe not you.

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I’d actually go for one of two places (having lived there for a year.. our boarding school took us all over the place). If you’re going for a grand gesture that may involve a crowd cheering after… Do it in the middle of Grafton street where all the street performers and painters are. They draw big crowds (or did back then).

If you’re looking for something a little more secluded and romantic… I would suggest the gardes at Powerscourt. In fact, you may have seen them already. That’s where they introduce Jim Caviezel as the Count of Montecristo… the party where he arrives in a baloon. That’s Powerscourt.

That would be truly unforgettable.

I may have more spots… PM me and I’ll try to come up with some for you.

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Another vote for Howth

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Howth sounds like it would be amazing. I am putting it on my wishlist for when I go to Ireland, someday, someday….

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@Earthgirl It is amazing. I’m sure you’d love it

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