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Is Clearwire any good as an ISP?

Asked by likingbiking (1points) December 27th, 2007

I am looking for the best alternative for internet access on the cheap. Is Clearwire decent? Or is DSL or Cable a better option? Any others I am not aware of?

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I personally love my cable. sorry to say im not familiar with clearwire, so Im not much help on that. I guess that would mainly depend on where you’re located at and how good your dsl/cable companies compare to clearwire.

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I have clearwire. It sucks balls, so I’m on the neighbor’s wireless most of the time.
a.) They’re slow
b.) They’re unreliable
c.) Their support team sucks (things to do with ISP blocking ports and whatnot for my mail)
d.) They kill torrenting

All in all, I’d get cable if I had the choice to do it over, good thing the 2 year contract runs out in a month.

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Yes, Clearwire has terrible speed, service, and contracts. If you really need internet on the cheap, find a neighbor and share a cable/dsl connection via wifi.

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My experience is the same as Breefield and Bob’s. It’s AWFUL and the fact that it blocks torrenting is a big problem too. Not only that, but when you realize how bad it sucks, and try to get out of the contract, you can’t.

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Exactly, getting out of the contract is the problem.
I also thought of something else, they say that you’ll have blah blah speed because they limit each “line” to 8 users, like cable, where customers share lines. But the fact is, that’s BS, the speed’s you get never live up to what they promised you.

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Clearwire has been my ISP for two years with GREAT results. They are fast and reliable, and I have heavy usage with two or more computers running off my router. The comments I read in blogs that bash Clearwire usually start with admission they didn’t understand the contract nor research the coverage area. I did both, tried out my friend’s antenna AT MY HOUSE before buying, and have been pleased. Clearwire now offers phone service. They are expanding and adding more services. I wish they would finally launch services to compete with FIOS. Let the buyer beware, read the contract, and try before you buy. Duh.
Now if someone would could improve Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Verizon OneBill, and Verizon land line billing . . .

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