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How can you tell when a girl flirts with you?

Asked by JG117 (49points) June 8th, 2009

tell me how a girl flirts with you.

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You just know man…..

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It’s pretty obvious when she bats her eyelashes at you, touches you on the arm when she talks to you, comments on how you smell or laughs at your dumb jokes.

Its also important to know that flirting doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to get with you either. Some girls just like to flirt.

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Body signs, their eyes, and smiles; you will feel it if she’s flirting with you.

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All the things @The_Compassionate_Heretic said are pretty good tip-offs. Also, if she asks something along the lines of “did it hurt?” and when ask “did what hurt,” she answers “when you fell from heaven” odds are good she is flirting.

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she doesn’t make you pay til afterwards.

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if you ask this question…you can probably be sure that no one is flirting with you.

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you know when a girl is flirting.

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so true. I flirt, but it won’t mean I like the dude. lol.
you’ll know that she actually likes you if you guys take things to the more-than-just-friends-maybe level.. talkin on the phone often, hangin out, corny inside jokes, being cute and mushy whatever.
firting is just httin on dudes with words, smiling/eye contact at the same time, touching you a lil bit, small talk… hm I think that’s it for me.

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One thing I’ve noticed when a girl is flirting with me is they tend to get kind of fidgety, and they tend to play with their hair. They’ll also start smiling…..a lot.

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Hahahaha its usually smiles with eye contact, occassional touching, arm, leg, wherever, a muffled giggle, if your lucky you might even get a brazen wink!
She will make her company easily available to you and keep asking open ended questions usually about yourself…
Then there is the ‘Playing Hard to Get’ type – this woman keeps her distance but gazes at you from across the room, keeping eye contact until you make a move towards her… then she will turn her back slowly away with a hint of a smile upon her mouth…
Some girls like to be the competitive type – as a way of flirting, competing with you for your attention and adoration.
Some girls do the mothering thing, bake you cookies, make sure your warm, always offer you creature comforts, etc..

So many different styles of flirting to match so many different women!! No one can tell you straight out, its something that you need to know for yourself.
Sometimes its all of the above!

Either way, its always a fun way of getting to know someone! Enjoy ;)

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I have no idea. Either no girl ever flirted with me, or I have been totally oblivious all my life. I see it in movies, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in real life—not even between other people.

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@Sariperana a wink!?!? i dont think i have ever seen (nor can imagine) actually being winked at by a girl that was interested in me….it sounds so – 1940’s movie scene-ish – lol. if i was ever out, and i turned and saw a girl and she literally winked at me, i would be more uncomfortable and turned off than lucky….maybe its just me ;) lol.

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@futurelaker88 well it certainly depends on the girl now doesn’t it! ;)

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she looks down, crosses her legs, twirls her hair. sometimes she blinks. sometimes they’re shy.

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