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Can minors check alcohol in luggage?

Asked by alialiali (8points) June 8th, 2009

I am traveling by airplane for a vacation with my friend. We are not 21 yet, but we want to know if it is possible for us to check alcohol in our baggage.

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It would depend on your location. I would think that if you are legal to be in position of alcohol wherever you are then I’m sure it’s fine, but you probably wouldn’t be asking this question if that was the case. I highly doubt it. You’d probably have better luck pulling a “hey buddy” in the area that you are vacationing.

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I imagine it would depend on the country the airport checking your gear is in.
In America, if you’re under the legal drinking age and you’re caught with alcohol, I think they can confiscate your hooch.

On the other hand, I’ve never met a baggage screener who ever checked my ID.

To be on the safe side, I would advise against it. The last thing you want to do is press your luck in an airport. These folks mean business.

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I recamend not doing it because if you do get caught somehow you will git in alot of trouble so i recemed that you probaly not pack beer in your suitcases.


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If the bottles are closed, my guess is that it would be ok. You could be bringing it as a present, and as far as I know, it’s not illegal for minors to be in possession of alcohol. It’s just illegal to sell alcohol to minors—at least, in the U.S.

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thanks everyone. it really is confusing. i guess i should mention that i am going to california, if that makes a difference. because i know in IL, i can’t “possess” alcohol. it’s not like my friend and are like super minors either, she will be 21 in september and i will be in december, so we’re just a few months short of no more confusing BS.

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It seems that in some states public possession of alcohol by minors is also illegal. The question then becomes what the definition of “public” is. Again, packing unopened alcohol in a suitcase does not seem like public possession.

The laws are concerned with drunk driving. Most states allow minors to consume alcohol in private (their own homes) or when accompanied by a guardian. So the laws seem to be aimed at stopping public drunkenness, but don’t seem to care about curbing private behavior.

I think a suitcase is private, but, of course, courts might see it otherwise. Personally, I’d take the risk. But then, I’ve smuggled illegal food items into the country. For that matter, I’ve accidentally packed knives in my fanny pack while boarding a plane, and got away with it.

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California has a law against possession of alcohol by minors in any public place.
I would assume that an airport is a public place and that possession includes packed in a suitcase.

Can’t you think of any better ways to spend your time in California other than illegally transporting alcohol across state lines?

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@daloon Actually, at least here in AR, it is illegal for a minor to be in position of any alcohol. One time, in the backwoods where I grew up, we were hanging out at the old gas station parking lot where we always did with a couple coolers of beer icing down for later that night. I should mention I was about 16/17 at the time. A State Trooper drove by and was curious as to what we were up to so he stopped in. When he got out, he saw a cooler in the back of my friends truck. He asked what was in it which led to my friend opening it and a huge story about how it was illegal for us to be in position of alcohol. He made a deal with us that if everyone blew a 0.00 then he would just make us dump it out. It all worked out for the best. So that’s the story of my first breathalyzer.

As for the airport situation, I would really advise against it. You could give it shot and you might get away with it but then it might cause a big mess. Maybe just call the California State Police and see what they have to say?

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fireside, it’s really just an unclear concept not my main goal. I am going to a music festival and six flags and to the beach. if you’re a hater why’d you even answer? should I edit my question to say “please no insults I know I’m going to hell”

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It wasn’t hell I was warning you against.
It was a jail cell.

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